Butter Chicken Curry Sandwich

I found this spot called Beck’s Coffee shop. They gave me a little wet wipe to clean my hands before eating.I went with their butter chicken curry sandwich. Let us know in the comments below, and subscribe for more.
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  • you must have a question mark aura around you or something

    poopz 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • probably not a good first video of yours to watch😅

    KD Burner 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Me too

    Zamantha Bravo 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Indians be like : why why you are supposed to eat it with ricee 🥲🥲🥲🥲😭😭😭

    hosting abby 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • arent you supposed to sip coffee super quick anyways to get more flavor? ppl are so annoying they will find anything to complain about for no reason

    WebMDMA 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Shoot then I must "fake drink" my coffee every day. I sip VERY lightly while nice and hot/warm to enjoy it, let the warmth just seep into the bones. Who ever is shaming ya for sipping your coffee doesn't know what they are missing or a bitter and jealous

    Odie Arbuckle 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Butter chicken curry sandwich 🤨😡
    What the hell

    ฅ⁠^⁠•⁠ﻌ⁠•⁠^⁠ฅ 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • 😡😡😡😡

    hardik parbhakar 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • 😂😂

    Carlos Guzman Reyes 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Ive been binging your videos two or three times and it’s always so cool to watch your videos ! your channel is literally my Japan bucket list, thank you for all these amazing places and foods 🤩🤩

    Different brand of beans 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Broccoli on a sandwich

    Ryan Parina 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Broccoli in butter chicken sandwich ? Nope that's insane

    heyitsdha 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Who hurt a person so bad that it made them think broccoli on a sandwich was a good ideas!?!

    Jon W. 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Ewww wtf

    KBuggy 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • It looks good wtf

    Reb .l take 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Your forehead may look like a megamind cosplay but you got heart man. Love your content keep up tue great work!

    Kotkäfer 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • why would you have to prove you drink coffee of your personal choice?

    ZelixisReal 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • I get it…people like our food and there is fusion food always but what is that ABOMINATION

    Sancia Kairo 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Fake eating and drinking is standard and required for food vloggers. It's part of the game.

    Jon 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • a butter chicken sandwich sounds so good but it looks dry:(

    Amélie J 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • That fired egg on top of the curry be hitting

    Erick Williams 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • You forgot about lifting your pinkie 😭🔪

    -𝑽 𝒐 𝒄 𝒂 𝒍 𝒔 é- 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • That sandwich looked bussin ( I also have low standards)

    YaZui .I. 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • 😭😭😭it looks so good

    Turtle 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • I open this app to look something up, see your short & immediately click on it EVERYTIME 🤣 thanks for distracting me now I forgot what I originally wanted to see 😅

    Lola FromBrazil 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Hmm maybe if they cut the broccoli or took it out completely?

    Farjan Billah 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • He still faking it ong 🙏

    Homemade Memes 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • So what if you fake sipping coffee? You're reviewing the meal and how would you do that if you don't drink at all?? Lmao some people 😂

    Immy Dubby 25/10/2022 am11:17

    Ern Yu Lim 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • That Sandwich combo does not look good at all

    Denzil Francis 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Bro said "Im not gonna chug the coffee I'ma chew it😈"

    Jimbo Learner 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Because I have low standard I ate it anyway 😂

    GGJiaJia 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • u da 🐐🚫🧢

    Awinna Chhit 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Those idiots fake intelligence, if they think someone should insta-down boiling liquid. 😂

    Thirteen Thirteen 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Asafoetida, or hing, is an indian spice that smells like burnt onion. It could've been in it

    Num3er27 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Nah still did it wrong.
    Coffee diff.

    Dirovex 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • "Did this look real enought to you"


    JonTheDon 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Oh no! Gomen nasai, Next time better experience.

    Cynthia Byas 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Tbh I’ve never noticed it but now that you’ve said it I went back to watch some older videos and…it does look like you fake drink your drinks 😭

    Gianpio 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • Because you got low standards 😂

    Mysterious Melchizedek 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • i think it’s cool how you’re funny without changing your tone

    meow 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • That was the nicest f*** off i have ever heard lol

    Robert Caro 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • I swear, peeps are hating on this guy for the dumbest reasons.

    butterstix 24 25/10/2022 am11:17
  • How long have you lived in Japan and where do you kinda live lol I would love to visit Japan soon and be able to visit some of the places you recommend

    Steven Rangel 25/10/2022 am11:17