Bread – If (with lyrics)

  • The great song ever written .

    John Roberts Kliwon 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I love you so much Bread your music is so special to me.

    Animal finatic 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • back to go…. do you know what…is there any body out there

    Juliana Alcantara 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • My sister’s favourite music 😢

    M Mukherjini 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • When music was good

    U.S Patriot 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • This hardcore, man…

    Gumption 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I'll always lovel you Moose Moore

    Kristin Hope Mays 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I remember my sister playing this song and loving it when it came on. I was like 3-4 years old at the time. I still love this song to this day. They just do not make songs like that anymore.

    JooWonNeeo NYC 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • lagunya sir muhlis

    8E_Aditya Putra Pratama Zaldy 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I love this song bread if😀🥲😃😄😁😊😍😚😙😝🙄😵‍💫😸😻👀

    gabriel kulang 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • A great poem, a great song, and a great voice singing it. David Gates, was the consummate musician when he wrote this timeless piece. This song will live forever, and continue to influence generations of people. Truly, this is one of the greatest songs of all time. Doctor G.W.

    George Whitehead 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Punctuate that tune.

    Ralph Winfield 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Contemporary music is absolute rubbish compared to these gems.

    capricornmagic63 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I'm gonna miss you so bad, my only love. Time may heal the past, but the best memories I had with you will never go away easily. I will accept what the destiny want for the both of us. I love you so much. Until the end of the day I still love you. Till we meet again. I'm gonna miss you, and us. I love you.

    Big Sister 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • 2022 still listening to this song . I remember 8 years ago when my mother and father singing together this song . Now only my mother sings alone

    S A L T Y 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I always sigh and feel better about the world still revolving when I hear this.

    Ray Wood 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • ✨🎈❤☯

    Florina 2018 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • This lyric can melts steel. So powerful.

    Hortenseplace G 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • What a wonderful song If is? It is beyond discription.

    岡洋介 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Lagu ini….
    Teringat Waktu Aku masih SD,.masih tidur sama Almh Mama,..
    Mama Suka Terbangun ditengah Malam sambil Membuat Rajutan Nya ..dan Mama Saat Itu Masih Memutar Radio Pelan suaranya saat aku terbangun aku dengar lagu ini..
    Berulang Kali Tiap aku terbangun,,..Mama putar radio ditengah heningnya malam dikamar kami di Pejompongan dulu…
    Selalu lagu ini…dulu aku tak tau artinya apa,yang jelas ini lagu tempo dahulu kala…ada rasa berkecamuk di dada kalo di dengerin malam malam padahal saat itu ak masih SD,..dan lucunya sampai skrg..lagu ini malah selalu mengingatkan aku dengan Almh Mama,..palagi didengerin malam malam sekitar jam Stengah 2 ato stengah 3 .
    Mama,..Aku selalu rindu akan sapaan hangat mama dan elusan di kepalaku,..Mama,..Ini Al fatihah untuk Mama selalu dari Aku Yang Mencintaimu Mama
    Al Fatihah Utk Almh S.T Luneto..

    Chacha Luneto 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Nov 2 2011

    Beroneca Abella 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Can yall just pray this song holds true love for my family like everyone's beautiful stories. I miss my love always and forever RBM AND LLM

    LeAnna Meyer 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I'm 22 y/o now but I don't know why I love listening to my father's playlist maybe because I missed him a lot yeah I just realized that 😭
    To my Papa in heaven I love youuuu I miss youuuuu so much it's been 2 yrs since you left us and been 2 yrs since I didn't hear your radio playing your favorite music😭😭

    Uzerouz13 26/10/2022 am9:47

    It'sMeJhayjhay 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I have known this song all my life, but today I CRY 😭
    ❤️❤️❤️ #probablythemostbeautifullovesongintheworld

    Rose Windross 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Gabe and Badr forever ❤ august 12 22

    winged wolf 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I love this song. It touches my heart and I believe yours too.

    Pup 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • My ShaKierra, Until the next escape.

    Mary Angel Ababan 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I know mine to…hang in there and another will come along with God's help and you will have someone else to share it with and begin new memories

    Glenn Womack 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • What the effect that making the flutter sound?

    Micky Mouse 26/10/2022 am9:47
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    Lu Weiwei 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • isang ikaw, ang sumalubong sa maulang hapon.

    unang tingin mo sa mga mata ko'y tila nagpaliwanag sa madilim kong kahapon.

    hanggang sa masilayan ko ang ngiti mong ka'y ganda, napatitig ako.

    pero alam kong hanggang sulyap nalang ako, dahil kailanman alam kong hindi ka magiging sakin.

    Victor Delgado 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Since 2011

    Cao Thanh Lam 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Podcast ancur

    Yeremia Pratama 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Im a 2000 baby and i know this song because of my mom.

    Kaye Zee Abototo 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • Muhammad Tegar 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I love this song but not the last words, I would change it to suit me…

    Shell Wells 26/10/2022 am9:47
  • I love this song 🥺

    Miss Minchin 26/10/2022 am9:47