Bread – If Original [1971]

  • Grande cantor um dos melhores do mundo, música Bela e suave e divina

    Sergio Macena 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Masterpiece

    CARLOS SILVA 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • sensacional !!!!

    Josias Carvalho de Souza 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • ☆MY
    '#1. MOM 👍
    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!

    eric berensen 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • One of the most beautiful song

    Edrene Carlson 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • I find myself getting water in my eyes, thinking of my daughter and two younger brothers who loved this song, in fact one brother was a singer and a twelve string Martin he would often sing this same song.. must stop writing can't see, eyes are flooding…. poppa smurf

    Butch Conrad 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Forever 😥😥😥😥🎵🎷

    Gildo Nunes 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Lembranças eterna ❗😥

    Gildo Nunes 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Beautiful story. The power of music soothes the soul. I bet she never forgot the song or you…..

    Mike Angelucci 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • God bless you. She heard you at the grave.

    Mike Angelucci 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • When music was good!!!!

    Susan 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • This video clip from his appearance on BBC has been greatly doctored to sound like the record.

    kofblz 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • A beautiful poem set to music.

    Cyril dadswell 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Such a beautiful song and lyrics ♥️.

    Emma Peart 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • AMOR AMOR AMOR por ele fazemos coisas que pensando hoje não faríamos ❤️

    Marilia Lenita Pires 20/10/2022 pm4:11

    Nilson CANDIDO 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Makes me think of all the Friends and family members I lost throughout the years

    Michael Gill 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • My God that's such a beautiful song. Just about brings me to tears whenever I hear it. 🥲

    barjjbb 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • This was my wife and I's wedding song.. 15 years later we're having a huge fight and this song comes on the radio… I looked up at the ceiling and said.."Good one God", and walked away

    John Michael 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Beautiful song ❤

    Jane Porter 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Requiem Mass for the ethic North European

    Truth Justice 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • We were all together in 1971.
    My Grandma and my parents.
    Now, all three are in Heaven.
    I walked into a coffee shop and they played this song.
    I bursted into tears.
    Life is too short.
    Love your family to the fullest.
    One day, you know what I mean.
    Actions can be forgotten but memories last a lifetime.
    God bless…

    Prof. Andy N 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Adoro, tem tradução em português?

    Quiteria Moura Nogueira 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Beautiful

    José Maria 20/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Embalou minhas paixões adolescentes. Ainda …..2022 september

    Leila Maiolo 20/10/2022 pm4:11