Bread Guitar Man

Artist Bread
Song The Guitar Man
Album Guitar Man
Year 1972

Bread’s GUITAR MAN was not one of its most commercially successful albums–the album’s only chart single was the title track–but it’s a finely-crafted, well-constructed soft rock album which shows the group at its best. Bandleader David Gates first made his name as a session producer and songwriter in mid-’60s L.A.; the Monkees’ hard-pop “Saturday’s Child” is one of his best and best-known efforts.

He clearly learned at the feet of such icons as Brian Wilson and Phil Spector, as even the weaker songs here are sublimely arranged, with crystalline production. The best songs, such as “Welcome to the Music” or “I Didn’t Even Know Her Name,” are comparable to the best of the Carpenters’ singles being released at the same time.

Live Recording



  • Alvorada FM BH 94.9

    Alexsandra Fonseca 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Really Excellent The Original THE American Dream! Fox! Rock's Czar!

    foxyroxstar 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • 🥰

    No Body 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Amazing Song and I love it! Brilliant lyrics vocals and music this song was arranged perfectly!!!✌

    Denise Hedden 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Sad story:
    I was 15 and my first guitar teacher, Matt Schoenmakers, taught me this song to play at the time. Just before he started explaining chords, Matt told me his wife had given birth to "his" son. He was so proud!
    Little did we know then that just a few months from then he was standing at this little station somewhere up north in The Netherlands. A high speed train passed by and, due to air pressure differences, he was sucked under a carriage. He did not survive.
    It took me a while to hear or play this song again, without getting tears in me eyes and getting a chocked voice.
    Now every time I hear it on the radio or whenever I play it, I think of Matt and wonder about his son. He should be around 47 right now.
    Sad story indeed, I like mentioning his name now and then. Matt Schoenmakers

    Dutch Eagle 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Guitars were played through all the new “hi-tech” inventions like Fuzz and here it the Wahwah w a foot peddle.

    Steven Hart 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Beautiful Voice.

    bucks614 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • For a sappy easy listening muzak act, this is the BEST song about musicians ever written. David Gates was a total genius and criminally underrated.

    Scott Campbell 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Mr. Bojangles?

    Gee Trieste 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Vim depois da 6 temporada de this is us episódio 8….q.musica meus amigos q música. Ouvia na minha infância meu pai gostava muito 🤩

    Cláudia Tatiane Santos 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • What can I say? I am just a sucker for a good wah wah pedal.

    Walter Taylor 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • yes this the best track of bread i really loved it and i still do they put there heart and soul into the production of this song usually i always think theres a story to songs

    spookyboo 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • The bass on this is really clear with headphones.

    Wayne Kasmar 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • This was on the jukebox at Frankie Pizza Allentown PA. 3 plays for a quarter

    Michael Adamcik 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Love bread apart of m up bringing

    rattieize 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • show! música linda!

    paulo homci 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • A classic, @ 64 this song brings back so many memories of what was and what have could of been.

    k1w1ana 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • O Bread era uma banda diferente pra época,mas era eles tocarem e todos entendiam a sua mensagem,GUITAR MAN é um grande sucesso, essa gravação, esses arranjos tão originais, os vocais, uma energia que ninguém conseguiria fazer igual, música boa e antológica.

    Joaquim francisco de oliveira 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • This song takes me back to a morning in August 2003. I went on a road trip with a friend to Las Vegas, NV. I had this song in my mind as we crossed over the Colorado River and gone through Boulder City and Railroad Pass to see the morning skyline of Las Vegas. The guitar hook makes me think of the power lines that criss-cross the highway there.

    Shawn Begay 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • All my life I’ve been a connoisseur of music, bluegrass, hip hop and salsa are my favorites. Bread is one of those bands that’s aren’t talked about much mainstream, but really inspired me. So many bands have moved my soul. Bread, Frank Sinatra are but a few. Music is timeless. But when it’s a soundtrack to your life, it’s priceless.

    CloudAtlasMiner 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • So ein tolles Lied! Vielen herzlichen Dank!! ❤

    Jeanette Rösler 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • voz espetacular💝❤💝💋💗

    efigenia nanes 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Top class 🇬🇧👍

    Jason King 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • 09.17.22 still listening. 🎶 ❤
    I remember taking a flight back home from Laguardia…played it until I reached my destination. It's one of those songs, you can play over and over again.🎸

    Kim Marie 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • 💕💕

    PAULA ANDREA 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Just like so many 60s and 70s bands Bread demonstrate the power that voices, guitars, bass, and drums have without the need for gimmicky effects…the combination of those matched with good composition is really hard to beat! Something about that really touches the human heart!

  • This kinda of music will go forever bit like the classical favourites as a new generation discover it what i call proper upbeat music since i was born in the late fifties music of today is too artificial

    spookyboo 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Doesn't get any better than that 😎🙏👍❤️

    Gwyn Williams 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • This song is timeless for those who really understand the intricacy of true melody ,harmony and instrumentation not to mention gates smooth lay back vocals has really captured an era when music touch your very soul.

    Sean Lookchin 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Thanks to the one chick that told me about bread when I was 17.

    themadplotter 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Timeless tune!

    D B 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Bread is one of the greatest underappreciated groups in history. Such brilliant compositions and lyrics.

    John sich 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Someone keeps me going,baby it's the guitar man

    Stephen Jones 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • my uncle just passed away the other day. we listened to this in his bright red corvette on easter one year and i had never heard this song before. it was as if life was in slow motion. he was an incredible guitar player and i'll always miss and love him.

    4:44 OFFICIAL 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • David Gates is an under appreciated and often ignored musical genius.

    Floyd 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • 🎶🎶escutando no radio AGORA ANTENA 1 S.P…🇧🇷 7 de setembro de 2022.

    CHRIS ☀️🌙 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • My dear brother Rick (Bubba), I just learned today we lost you last night and just days ago you posted this to Facebook and tagged me and our brother Tommy in it. Thank you for leaving this for us. We are devastated that you are gone and I don’t know how we will pick up the pieces and move forward, but you were the best big brother ever and I’m so incredibly thankful for the lifetime of precious memories we shared. I’ll love you to the moon and back always ❤️

    Christy Baker 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • This song is burned into my best songs of the 70s mind by far the best song ever

    John Goguen 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Who else wants to be guitar man in September 2022?😂

    Kenneth Ng 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • show é pouco…

    Mario Ribeiro Spinetti 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • E&M Garage I have too agree with you music today is crap.

    Douglas Hutchison 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • Brasil na escuta.

    Ademar Amâncio 22/10/2022 pm9:53
  • This music not only takes me back but it gives me chills/tears/love. Rock on.

    Chance 22/10/2022 pm9:53