Bread Greatest Hits Collection

  • ❤❤❤

    OG Steck 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I love Bread and their songs too, it's just sad my lolo died when I was young and because of him I studied and explored the songs of his time so that I could sing for him.

    Gadin Romeo 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I want to have a record but where in Germany can I find one if I live near Stuttgart?? 😐😔😢

    Evdream_2003 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Interrupt my song one more time with an ad….

    bentleyfixed 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Don't Care I Love All There Beautiful Music

    Cynthia Ellis 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Whenever I'm working outside the office, I listen to the music of bread

    Marco Antonio Palomares Rodriguez 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • boys' Voice 🎤🎵~

    MOONALISA문나리자 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I was in Tulsa in Junior High at Eli Whitney. I listened to these songs over and over. Today I still love every song by Bread.

    Bissy 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Reminds my old days like it very much

    Arnel Rgndn 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • too bad,they don't make music like this anymore

    Mark Anglo 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Nice Video! Thx 😀

    1337 phyzikal 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I love bread, Choclate, Peanut jam and Milk. Hmmm..

    Muliana Muliana 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Pero ….Son tres discos de los mejores exitos y los ineditos. Yo aun los conseguí hace poco.
    Estos son un lujo.
    Este solo es uno de los tres discos

    alf james 21/10/2022 pm10:25

    SILVIA Spee 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • bread songs aged like fine wine

    lhen reyes 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Siempre he querido escribir de las cosas que me
    Lastiman. Me ha parecido tan difícil hacerlo.
    Pues los cosas se me vienen a la mente y cuando
    Empiezo a escribir se me inunda la mente de tantos
    Pensamientos y al escribir se me empiezan a olvidar
    Lo que quería escribir y adelantó eventos y desordeno
    Los anteriores.y terminó por disgustarme.
    Recuerdas el primer incidente que tuvimos ? Resultó
    Que mandaste cobrar por una revista en la que te
    Pregunte si te ivas a disculpar y no lo hicisteis, no lo
    Podía creer pero yo quería seguir disfrutando la vida
    Y terminé por perdonarte Pere me quede con la
    EspinitA por primera vez.
    Poco después permití que me arreglaras la tableta.
    Poniendo al corriente de canciones. Y pequeñas
    Biografías, cursos, estar llena de pequeños enseñanzas
    De diferentes tendencias que este. Pasando! Lo más

    Santiago Ramirez 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Que.bonito es recordar a un Padre de esta manera

    Santiago Ramirez 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I remember listening to this song flying home to My Island’s in the Pacific, Hawai’i No Ka Oi! from 29 Palms, CA to Palm Springs, CA, to Home. Mahalo for the memories of our past.

    James Kawai Kaupe, Jr; CWO3, USMC, Ret 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Best songs ever !

    Richelle jessa Nebrida 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Still listening to the great, great songs of the Eagles in January 2022..since I was a teenager in the I'm 60..😁😁
    Still listening..?

    hamzah zainal 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Прекрасная музыка.Сколько лет слушаю и не надоедает….

    Лариса Воробьёва 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • David Gates and Mike Griffin are great !!!

    Ram De Leon 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Absolutely the best love music back then and now !!

    Robert Bush 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I was always listening the bread songs like this😇🥰

    Cristine Palomar 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I think this music is great, but couldn't these guys write something besides love songs. I can see how girls in the 70s were crying to this stuff. Oh well.

    Andrew Francisco 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Beautiful music but when you got adds popping up in the middle of the song or songs it SUCKS

    Robert Watkins 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Thank you Mike for turning me on to beautiful music miss you

    Kim Lapierre 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Bread👍

    Dark Style 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • 🥺

    Rey Salo 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Going through the toughest breakup now & this music just cuts so deep ! But I love Bread & have since a young girl 💔

    Marylou Harry 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • 23 lng ako pero mas gusto ko talagang pakinggan mga old music tulad neto maganda na lyrics sarap pa sa tenga ☺️

    rose ann castillo 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • What a beautiful sunday listening to bread's music. Since my youngest years i really love to hear their songs. More power and God bless you more.❤🙏

    Flor Seno 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I'd rather on this songs than live in this world

    Leonard Cutin 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Me encanta está banda

    Daniela Hernandez 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • very like this one..the very best of bread

    Romar alanis 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Pls can i have robux plss:c

    Fren Mabitado 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Nakaka relax ❤

    Zaifer 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Hello to all young kids and old soul

    Mharoun jhei Molina 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Bread is one of my favorite group ever's relaxing songs..

    Max Avi Sue 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • One of the best choice of music❤❤❤
    Especially make it with you, one of my favorite song..🥰

    Panda world 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • My taste of music eversince,sentiments

    Noel Martinez 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I remember my love one that are not being succesfull when im listening breadsongs, until now i respect her happy family, maybe our road are gonna cross again it doesn't really matter when, J @ B 4ever!!!

    Moya Bobby 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Enjoy listening thru bluetooth speaker

    Pete Jardin 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • You can skipp adds right away

    Pete Jardin 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • I recorded my own Karaoke Version of 'Baby I'm A Want You' now I can go back to Karaoke Bar and sing this sonh!

    Pete Jardin 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Still love old music even though im a member of gen Z

    Nheljoya21 Bautista 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Sarap paulit ulit pakinggan.

    Gerardo Casison 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Na mimis ko ung kapatid kong namatay..kc kinanta pa niya ito bago sya nmaalam saamin iniRecord pa niya.ung kanta niya nato.un pla ma wawala na pla sya saamin pati ung meaning ng kanta naiiyak tlga kmi.sad tlga ang pogi pa nman ng kapatid nmin kaka graduate lng ng collage hu hu hu

    Vienna Maceda 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • baby it's the guitar 🎸 man

    pgroove211 21/10/2022 pm10:25
  • Good things never get old.

    Selma Drigo 21/10/2022 pm10:25