Bread Everything I own.wmv


    Angela Arnold 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • 15/10/22 Estou aqui ✌

    Alexander official 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • This song makes me cry. I dedicate this one to you Douglas

    JoJo's Journals 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • To my daddy… thank you… I love you more than you can ever imagine. I love you so much, daddy You sheltered me from harm… kept me warm,,. You gave my life to me… set me free… I would give everything I own to see you one more time. Just to have you back again. You taught me how to love, what it is… Just to touch you once again… I will miss you all of my days. I love you.

    Elle Mae 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • How have I not heard this song before. What a masterpiece

    mk whole 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • This song will always remind me of my Mum she was a massive fan of Bread a Mum billion and Auntie in a billion to my cousins to we all miss you very dearly

    Richard Sharpe 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • It's heartbreaking how this beautiful song about the depth and breadth of love is often recalled when our loved ones have passed away. 💔

    Kerrin Drawdy 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • I agree 100% with Billy B. Same here, pal! * Cav *

    Robert Cavalier 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Best cool song 🎵 👌

    Christopher Hlamyint 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • mom & dad i miss you so much

    steve puchbauer 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • I'm a teen but I prefer this type of songs compared to cringy tiktok ones

    Bloodshed 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • The song is totally honest
    for those who don't know, the singer is the guy on the right side of your view

    P o o m 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • I found this song early. I ended up losing someone very close but I did discover that this song was more for my mother I always thought of my mother at the minute I’ve heard this song

    IhaveaPhDinTV 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • No-one fucking died , i didn't lose anyone, i dont expect any likes or sympathy i just like the song if thats ok?

    Australien 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Que música maravilhosa…

    João Batista Silva Medina 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • He must be a backslider. Only the Lord gets this kind of praise.

    Robert Bullock 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • If you like this song listen to my "cover" in my channel!

    MR SHOCKING 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • LInda !!

    Fernanda DA SILVA LEITE 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Essa bombou aqui no Brasil também, ótimas lembranças. Hehehe!!!!!!

    celio ferreira 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Written for his Dad…and It makes me tear up for mine everytime I hear it…Great song…

    John N 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Added this song to my Memorial Playlist. I not going to let anyone else pick my final music…

    David Bock 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • I had this song playing at my older brothers viewing, this song means alot to me!!!

    Sharon Dipaolo 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • I didn't even like this band all the much at the time in junior high and High School but this song Always stood out to me. I lost someone very very important to me when I was around 4th grade and somehow when I hear the song I still think about this woman. She was my great-grandmother. So the song can obviously fit a lot of different scenarios. That's how well written and how well executed it is.

    Steve Dahlberg 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • l still do

    Paul Madsen 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Luz Noceda should listen to this

    LogoAttitude 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • I never thought much of this song growing up (I'm 31) however after losing my old boy last year, this song randomly came on a playlist I was listening too. By God it got me, exceptionally poignant lyrics, and a great piece of work.

    Jake Taylor 20/10/2022 am6:05
  • Wunderbarer Text für einen geliebten Menschen.

    Gabriele Möller 20/10/2022 am6:05