Bread – Everything I Own (1972)

  • I thought this song was an Nsync original. I thought it was the best song on their debut album. This version is vulnerable and innocent.

    Brian 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • This was played when I lost my mum, it rings. True

    anna pascoe 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Bella canción que dedicó a su padre, y muchos lloramos la pérdida del nuestro al escucharla. Aunque es una canción que puede recordarte a cualquier otro ser amado que ya no esté contigo.

    Ruben Hernandez 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • E falavam que a música perfeita não existia …

    Andrei Grassi 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • The last day of my life; Michel dos Santos Ferreira.

    Mônica Cristina 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • I and mee

    Mônica Cristina 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Fitting from me for my Beautiful Mother, Marie Deshaies. I was foolish…took her being here for granted & would give 'anything' to have her back again…even if for a few good minutes, (o'course I'd want more). She fought the Good fight tho and has received her Just Reward~ dont want to take that from her, she so deserves Heaven–front row seats too! Double popcorn + triple butter lol, candy candy n more candy and soda for days!!! Thx for these few moments of melodic meditation + reminiscence of one hellofa Woman. Both are Beautiful Creations~

    Lisa Cook 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Quelle belle chanson !…..😢

    JAG 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • My dad – my hero!!!

    john lee 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Lip synced. The strings on the guitar aren’t moving

    Richard Nixon 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • I just love the melody of this…..

    GMAN222 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • I loved this song as a child. I lost my dad , mum and two brothers and I listen to this and I cry. One of the all time greatest 🎵

    Margaret Allen 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • temaso que recuerdos este tema esa voz

    Osvaldo Meyer 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Amo essa música.

    Gesse Cirilo 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • This song has always reminded me of my mother. I lost her on the summer of my 19th year. Her example was the epitomy to me of grace under pressure. This song, along with the Beatles, The Long and Winding Road, described what she meant to me in my life.

    Catherine Janovich 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Powerful words!

    CLS 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Can you imagine knowing that your son wrote this beautiful song for you? I cannot imagine anything more priceless.

    Tetedepoulet 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • "A bread truck came along right at the time we were trying to think of a name. We had been saying, "How about bush, telephone pole? Ah, bread truck, bread." It began with a B, like the Beatles and the Bee Gees. Bread also had a kind of universal appeal. It could be taken a number of ways. Of course, for the entire first year people called us the Breads."
    – David Gates

    Tetedepoulet 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • love this song but for me this would be for my MOM not my dad

    RICK1 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Clássico fantástico

    Esdras Nojoza 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Hard to find another song as powerful as this one when it comes to missing someone ❤

    Blue wave 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • This song came on AM radio just after my mom died on the way home from work nobody else could ever no the part of me that Can let go I fell apart on the 405 fwy

    Robert Kaplan 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Gates was a master songwriter. There were few who equalled him.

    Break From The Herd 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • Superb song

    Camelia 18/10/2022 am12:19
  • This is a perfect song 🎵 I love you dearly Mother 💖 and every word is meant for you with all of my love 💯

    Eric DeMoulin 18/10/2022 am12:19