BREAD (1978) – BBC-TV Special

The complete BBC BREAD SPECIAL, taped in the UK.
Original airdate of March 10th 1978.
Featuring David Gates, Mike Botts, Larry Knechtel and Dean Parks



  • I loved Bread since they Were !

    Maria Norton 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • I dedicate this song to our World 🌎🌎!

    Sandy Kimberlin 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • 🌹Beautiful sweet music💭memories.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Rina Lore 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Beautiful song!

    Summerbreeze 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • I want that guitar! WIT?

    K&M Kall 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • My god we would put the 8 track in and listen to them on the way to school. So many good memories. Thank you that was the best time.

    Mark Modicut 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • DOJOTONE@ – In your list of the performers that participated in this video, you forgot background vocals from Carol Parks (Dean's late wife). Thanks for posting this amazing video of Bread minus Jimmy Griffin. Bread was all seasoned veterans in the music industry. I wish I would've gone to see them on this tours.

    Joey Ricci 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Born to be a star! Talented ,humble ,professional and genuine. One of the best singer songwriters . Great music stands the test of time.

    TheDonzim 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • esa. es. la. buena. musica l lake. ..mexicoooo

    Martin Islas 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • I love bread songs

    Arnold Almen 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • I Think the first LP Vinyl record I got as a gift was around 5 years old and it was The Guitar Man Album, by Bread. I still have it!

    Alecio Costa 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Liked the rock and roll tune in the middle to mix things up sung by Mike Botts, very good voice.

    Miles from New Orleans 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Good, really good video, I like it and even can recommend to promote it with google ads OR g e t 4 v i e w s

    Leroy Carroll 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Please take me back to 1978. The year I graduated High School

    Kevin black 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Any time would enjoy listening to his and their distinguished music. Now time went by us but they will remain in our mind.

    Who done it 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Precioso tema!! Solía escucharlos por horas..!! Que voz tan dulce….y tierna..

    elda S.V. 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Para los que vivimos esa época inolvidable es como un sueño , para lo que nos toca vivir en este momento con la locura de los ique políticos 😈

    George Crespo 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Meu Deus quem postou isso tô chorando de saudade do tempo que jamais votará né

    Vera Rita Nordås 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Na que tempo tinha que ter talento não precisava dançar com bunda pra cima na disso tinha que ter desencia tá Anita nós não precisava atuar o cu pra chamar atenção tua mãe criou você errada

    Vera Rita Nordås 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • First class all the way.

    The Gee-tah Guy 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Embalou minha vida , meus sonhos de juventude , dormia cpm o radinho de pilha aguardando tocar musicas desse fabuloso conjunto .

    Paulo César 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Bread fizeram muito sucesso no Brasil, eu não sabia que eles eram virtuosos em vários instrumentos, no Brasil só conhecem os hits do conjunto dos anos 70's. Muito bom este especial de TV na BBC da Inglaterra.

    Claudio Kiipper 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • This is not fair ! Making me cry on a Saturday morning when I don't have to go to work ! To me, Bread was always one of the more "honest" musicians around.

    Heinrich Becker 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • R.I.P Jimmy, Mike e Larry.

    Valdenis Fevereiro 19/10/2022 pm11:23
  • Vuelvo a escuchar esta música y me produce la misma sensación que en aquellos días excelente!!!

    Raul Dimarco 19/10/2022 pm11:23