Black cake outside of Christmas

  • It's always a pleasure to spend this time with y'all b bless 🙏❤️

    Deomatee Lanclos 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Hi, Lance and Louise..great video..I love black but can never get it done right. Can you share your recipe with me please.. thnks 😉

    Michelle Michie 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • 👍🤣

    Patricia Ipek 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Yes people, you guys always make smile. I truly enjoy all your vlog. Keep it up. God bless

    Allison Mohammed 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Lou, next time oil the measuring spoon before measuring the molasses. It will pour out easily.

    Jasmin Thomas 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Lovely video…I would've like to see d finished product but I know for sure it's going to come out fine. Do have a safe family trip.. enjoy and keep the videos coming..❤️

    Florence Kallicharan 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Thanks for sharing. Learned two new things- 1. the use of molasses and the water to place the cake pan for cooking

    Jacqueline Madoo 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Tis the season….great encouragement….

    stephanie lopez 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • such a thoughtful present 🎁 very nice 👍🏻

    lily rose 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Nice feeling for a piece lol

    Dianne Harridass 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Hi Lance and Louise, happy Weekend to you. Just a tiny suggestion -a rubber spatula does a great job in getting all the mixture into the baking pan. Of course Mr. Lance can still have his batter taste 🙂 Black cake is a must in our home at Christmas time, but we've also enjoyed them at other special occasions during the year. Would have loved to see the finished product. Enjoy your trip to spend family time. Stay safely, and blessed.

    En Avant 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Mrs Baptist I would like to know if i can order a black cake from you i know you make best black cake

    Ermine Alleyne 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Wish I could have had a piece of that cake! Anyway I will try Ms Louise black cake recipe.Thank you for another wonderful vlog!

    ramnarine nagessar 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Every time I look at your videos,you always put a smile on my face… You're a very wonderful couple..🙏♥️💯

    Virginia Sooknanan 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Louise you are torturing us by making the black cake so soon.🤗🤗🤗. Reminds us that Christmas is just around the corner. Good job though. I used to make a cheat cake by buying a carrot cake mix and adding the fruits in it, and pouring rum on it after it's baked. Taste just like the real thing. I wanted to see the finished product but I guess the video would have needed more time.🇹🇹🇨🇦

    Judy Blackman 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Really wanted to see how the cake came out…

    Lindy Mungul 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • I remember looking for recipes in my grandmother's cook books, In this modern day of technology, it's an honor and a privilege for your grandchildren to have the opportunity of viewing and learning these traditional recipes online 🙏🏽

    gabielle dennis 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Love making my fruit cake the old time way always comes out the best 👍

    Wendy Ann Joseph 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Black Cake is my favorite, Louise thanks for sharing your traditional recipe😋🥂

    gabielle dennis 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Delicious sweetness overload

    asha derry 26/10/2022 am9:45
  • Yummy just around is christmas

    Janet Hecht 26/10/2022 am9:45