Birria Tacos | Basics with Babish

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Theme song: “Stay Tuned” by Wuh Oh


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  • New intro is all footage from the current kitchen, using a different part of the original song – check it out, “Stay Tuned” by the amazingly talented Wuh Oh!

    Babish Culinary Universe 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Can someone please explain the 2 kilos of ancho/guajillo to 10 grams of árbol ratio? Are they really that strong and/or powerful? I've been adding at least four or five, because I thought I had bought an especially small batch. It was still my best culinary experience so far, but will try with two next time.

    Espen Dahl Andersen 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • I know this video is a year old but that has got to be the most unappealing thumbnail I've ever seen for these kinds of tacos like step your game up bro 🤣

    Neon Zombie 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • New intro is like when Universal Studios added a couple extra bars to their track 😭

    Aaron Jackson 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • the ghost opening and closing the oven for babish in every episode: careful, he’s a hero

    Stuart B Littley 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Birria is goat . Not beef

    Mike Sanchez 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Can't wait to try this!

    Ed West 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • that's how you make enchilada….. never make enchilada in the oven

    wet timguavass 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • never remove the seeds

    wet timguavass 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • My IBS flared up just watching this…. I'd still totally eat it though

    Thane Krios 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • is hard to trust someone who can't even pronounce the words correctly… u forgot oregano

    Edgar Alain Flotte 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Hey Babish any way we can start putting the shopping list for stuff in the description I may have messed up and forgot some stuff lol

    Xavier King 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Kind of disappointed in this man. I have been watching "Birria Taco" recipes for about a week trying to get a baseline recipe ready to try and this one was about the equivalent of white boy nachos compared to almost all of the others I have seen. Mind you, I am not saying that they do not look tasty or edible, they just look so bland basic. The statement "then just use string cheese" to me rang of then just use velveeta or if you cannot find fresh tomatoes and onions and herbs to make salsa just use ketchup.

    4N6Psych 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • This is NOT birria tacos 😒

    PB161995 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Returning to this video after a year I forgot about the brief moment of new music, now I have a headache

    Jonathan Saville 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Babish adds 2 chillis.
    I use the whole can.

    photobackflip 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Looking back on it, the into isn’t that bad
    Not THAT ba

    Fun With Fish 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • 🥙🥙🥙🥙🥙🥙🧆

    Carlie Griffin 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Mi novia introduced me to birria y consome. Mi Gusta Birria muchas

    Calming White Noise 19/10/2022 am1:41
  • Dude, I thought these were supposed to be birria tacos? Where is the goat meat?

    DefeatTheGnar 19/10/2022 am1:41