Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

Scholars have attempted to crack the code to the perfect sandwich for millennia – in the end, it was Jake the Dog who finally achieved the zenith of ‘wichcraft. Can Jake’s glowing dream sandwich be realized outside the cartoon realm, or will it topple under the weight of its 12 separate components?


Music: “XXV” by Broke for Free

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  • Kinda painful that he got the tears in but not the Lobster Soul. ;~;
    But hey! He made it culinarically good~! ❤

    KiraAsakura14 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I actually made this and it absolutely a killer took like a full afternoon to make it but oh boy i tell ya it was worth it

    0 Gin 0 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • He forgot to wash a carrot and then not use it.

    Immortal Inaros 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Lol i wish he wasn't such a woman..oh my little mouth cant handle a sandwich of this magnitude

    Chiefy 17/10/2022 am11:45

    Cramel 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • The only thing I'd change is making the eggs over easy instead of boiled, and maybe choosing a smaller cut of steak

    Big Mike 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Super cool .

    Pebo Parkinson 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Super mega cool.

    Pebo Parkinson 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • After 5 year this is on my fyp :v

    Rank Outsider 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • all of your videos are masterpieces

    MegaBirdy 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • this is obscene levels of protein no wonder jake was so strong

    mon 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Hi I know it’s not your first time here

    Jermon Bratton 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Where's the glow

    nawal10 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • No SIM

    Mohammed Sahim 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I wonder if you can make the ingredients thinner so that the sandwich won't be too thick to eat.

    Faragar 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I just rewatched the episode and there’s no mention of a lobster’s soul anywhere? Where did Babish get that?

    Sam Weber 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Why would u think putting tears on a sandwich would be appealing to ur viewers??!

    tarik15380 debarge 17/10/2022 am11:45

    The Mysterious Unknown Revealed 17/10/2022 am11:45

    Rafael Lynx 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Salty face water

    Gem 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Never doubt Jakes cooking skills.

    I my self have made bacon pancakes before and they are the best thing ever.

    Dr.Bright 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • "Face water"

    Gasmask Studios 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I love knowing that none of the food goes to waste. I always worry on cooking shows what they do with the rest of the meal the judges don't eat, so I'm glad all of babish's version of jake's sandwich ended up in a stomach.

    Logan Levine 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I would like too see him make the fools gold loaf

    OfficialJLHD 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I M U S T H A V E

    Edex59 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Now make the finncakes

    AvaTale! 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • All the new content in the "babish culinary universe" scared me so I came back to the video I found babish through

    Kaiz 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Pulls a shaggy and eats the whole sandwich in one bite while you look away

    zerotohero 113 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • This would go on r/stupidfood but its not a bad idea

    cage yawn 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Bro that's more raw than my ex girlfriend

    Undevell0ped N0ob_101 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • That's cool

    mklolCoru 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Bacon Pancakes next??

    DoomStadt 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Bruh that look raw af

    GamerXzon 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • I want to eat all of it

    Jared Eleson 17/10/2022 am11:45
  • Conf0rming witH generally accepted standards of respectable or mOoral behavi-r.

    Ackly Oogbia 17/10/2022 am11:45