Binging with Babish: Dessert Dogs from The Simpsons

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This week, we’re returning to Springfield for a fan favorite tasty-fake: Marge Simpson’s Oven Fresh Bake Off-winning dessert dogs. Deep fried cookie dough in a meringue bun, drizzled with cherry syrup and caramel? I can’t think of a better way to torpedo those New Year’s resolutions!


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  • "it's alright" proceeds eating an entire hotdog

    Cross E 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • I find it bizarre, that marge made the bun out of meringue , why not just make it out of vanilla cake? Just because cake is made from flour does not mean it's not dessert, think about it. That would mean cookie dough does not count either because it has wheat. Did anyone else think of this? I think it begs an explanation. Bad writing!

    Gibson Flying V 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • No More Hot Dogs

    latasia brownlee 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Could you use strawberry instead of cherries

    Kill Switch Gaming 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Ok, now do Bavarian Cream Dogs from Futurama .

    Robin Starsfall 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • for the record, eyes were not rolled, although ends of mouth were raised.

    brandford kingi-laga'aia. 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Ooh, Tip Top.

    Pebo Parkinson 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Binging with Babish more like binging Babish

    Scare-Bois 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Super cool.

    Pebo Parkinson 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • If you eat the whole lot without realizing it then you did something right.

    1973Washu 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Super cool.

    Pebo Parkinson 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • For a texture closer to a hotdog bun, he could probably use softer merengue, like that you find of a lemon merengue pie. It would also have a more appealing shape.

    Slide 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • when he was talking about mixing the marang (i know that not how you spell it I'm just not fluent in the language I'm native to)the way he said whip sounded like stewie saying cool WHiP putting emphasis on the WH sound hwip

    Magik_Cloud495 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • You look like the guy from breaking bad

    ramO_branch 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • "its dessert, but its hotdog! that means its healthy"
    this is the reason why i cant watch cartoons like a normal person without raging

    Yuki-Kami 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Fun fact: cherry pitt’s contain cyanide!

    Wushafiki Ornam 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Can u make krusty dogs from SpongeBob?

    Aidan Viarengo 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • My eyes didn’t roll

    ConanGaming 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • This is more "food that fools". Marge has made a joke food.

    Rohan Zener 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • 3:32 "once it looks like a scene from your favorite horror movie"?
    Excuse me? I'm sorry I cannot handle myself around horror movies. One jumpscare and stuff will be coming out of every orifice of my body. I will be peeing and pooping my pants. Crying my eyes out. And screaming to the point where I'm vomiting. So let's just say "looks like a bright red"and just continue.

    FurretVlogs64 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Would have used a gelatin to thicken the cherry juice

    Beau'sBees 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • He wasn't lying about the assault charges😵 I might end up in jail

    Lovely Gamer 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Saucepen

    Nick Schroeder 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • 4:47 bro this guy is the watcher from marvels what if series 💀💀💀

    Henry Leydon 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • When I watch every video I think of making that when I’m older

    Jack Delacourt 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • kosher Salt? Is it Special or something?

    StarBerry 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Ok

    TrashTalkTerry 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Is it just me or does he look more like Vsause than usual

    Leif Inc. 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • meso hungy 🥺

    Madroachin 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Dessert dog. Hotdog bun, Nutella, and a banana

    Nick Hiniker 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • 4:46 I liked the pun

    Cool Guy Gaming123 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • A lot of time later, I think marzipan would be a lot better than meringue

    Fabio Mora 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • this would certainly be better with a cake bun.

    Kate Cole 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Say the cooking never stops babishing

    CattMatt_Gacha 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • Dude, I totally rolled my eyes when you said! Lol!!!

    M G 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • hotdogs without the dogs

    felix 0829f 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • 250k til 10mil

    nitewarrior81 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • When he made the Carmel joke I thought he was serious 💀

    Doom Knight 22/10/2022 am8:34
  • So we're just not gonna think we can do better?

    Gentle Magala 22/10/2022 am8:34