Big Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Fries In An Air Fryer

Do you want delectably crispy, flavorful, golden fries, or a sad, soggy mess? Unlock the secrets to ensuring a perfect pile of scrumptious air-fried fries every single time.

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Forgetting to preheat | 0:00
Using a cooking spray | 1:26
Not letting your potatoes soak first | 2:27
Not blanching the potato sticks | 3:25
Overcrowding your basket | 4:12
Not greasing the basket | 4:56
Not shaking your basket | 5:35
Using the wrong potatoes | 6:20
Adding salt after cooking | 7:15
Leaving them on a paper towel | 8:13

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  • Do you have any tips for cooking fries in an air fryer?

    Mashed 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • I wish you had shown how to make fries for use in an air fryer. When cutting the potatoes do you recommend rinsing and par boiling first?

    Daze 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • For people who make their own homemade fries. You need to make them ahead of time. Cut your fries and then fry them in oil and then remove and then freeze. Then bake or fry them like normal. The process of frying them and freezing them is what gives you the same process that fast food places do. Cooking them first helps to speed up the process and allow that crisp outer shell and the soft inside.

    William Glaser 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • What not eating them ?

    Eutimio Chavez 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • An air fryer is a toaster oven. change my mind.

    -AV8R- 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • I recommend celery salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Peter Capon 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • i would no call oven chips flavourful they are bland unless you dunk them in dip and salt them, air frying is just like fan grill in an oven where as deep fried chips take on the flavour otf the oil and all the food that is cooked in it, being it fish, chicken mars bars or icecream

    debeeriz 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Air fryers are what they are cracked up to be.
    Your fried food comes out too dry.

    Gerard Flynn 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Soaking is the key, pre heating is completely un required as long as your know your air fryer. I have 3 different air fryers and none require pre heating!

    Spawn O’Satan 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Whaa I though Olive Oil has a low smoke point.

    Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • At the moment I'm getting good results with Nicola potatoes, very finely cut, with some pepper & peanut oil on them. I shake every 5 mins, and let cook 20 mins. If I were to make them for others, i'd likely indeed soak em, pre-cook & dry them well 🙂

    Wim 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • So, something that de-scales Teflon is ok to use in your cooking/frying? Only in America.

    Derry Aire 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Use a plastic bread bag to shake raw fries in oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and fine bread crumbs, much better coating that using fingers in a bowl. And using two racks in the fryer keeps bottom fries off the basket bottom, and both levels separate so can do twice as many at once. Love air fryer fries! Thanks for great tips.

    Yamaha Genos Tutorial Videos 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • So many ways. Pre heat par boil, soak, chill, etc., just do it your way, cooking fries, (chips in UK) is simplicity itself in an air fryer, tutorial not needed.

    haitch04 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • slow down a bit, hell, who can follow that? And Maris Piper spuds are the best for chips, as used by most of the english chippy's.

    Seaside Sid Metal Detecting. 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Air Friers use Huge amounts of energy compared to more traditional methods.. don't get sucked in to "keeping up with the Jones's " just to be a trend setter…
    They're a nightmare to clean and will cost you at least 100 bucks extra per quarter on your electric bill..

    Think About It !!

    Matt L 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Thanks!

    Kurt Riker 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Follow these simple tips and tricks and in mere days you have French fries!

    Timothy Turner 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Top 2 tings a fry needs
    1: salt
    2: can’t be cooked to crispy or undercooked/soft it’s needs to be just right

    No_Life 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Vous parlez trop vite …difficle a comprendre

    Marie-Rose Monniez 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Fat chicks demo'ing fried foods! Sweet

    RuxRox 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • if you need 12-14 minutes to preheat an airfryer. you need a new airfryer because the heating element is barely working. most airfryers should take less than 4 minutes to preheat(and thats what my cheap 40$ airfryer does

    Ra1dMaX 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Heard the Philips Air Fryer best one from America's Test Kitchen and CNET

    Oscar M 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Thanks!

    john reese 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • "I'm a preheatin' fool!" – Huckleberry Hound!

    Greg Walloch 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • This video sent me on edge! – Sasquatch

    Greg Walloch 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • No mention that Air Fryers produce much more cancer causing Acrylamide in potatoes than deep fat frying.
    Who sponsored this propaganda?

    Gary Seven 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Do you think I should maybe preheat?

    Joe dude 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • 99% sure they used stock footage of deep fried potatoes in many shots

    Aaron Maynard 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Mistake #1: using an air fryer. There is no way to “fry” with air. Go ahead and look up the defition of fry.

    Ben DeVries 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Going through all this B.S. to air fry French fries defeats the point of using an air fryer. It is supposed to be quick and easy. You might as well break out the Cisco and pan fry.

    c16621 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Biggest mistake is thinking that you can fry with air. LOL

    Morris Monet 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Soak and blanching, do you need both of them, if so which go first or you only need one of them and skip the other ?

    Minh Phan 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Too much trouble.

    Jeff Cope 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Too much like work.

    TraceNoOne 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • Adding 1/2 tsp baking soda to the boiling water to blanch potatoes gives it a different texture that makes for crispy fries. I also use a small amount or spray of duck fat to cook the fries to give it an amazing flavor.

    bonwatcher 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • I’m confused she said that you’re not supposed to use spray. And then later she said that she recommended spray. This review is absolutely terrible

    Dan R 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • The blanch tip comes after the soak step. But it seems you blanch, then soak, correct?

    quickSCPZ 21/10/2022 am10:21
  • ' Everyone'?

    Si H 21/10/2022 am10:21
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    ASH Miniature Kitchen 21/10/2022 am10:21
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