Best Songs of BREAD – BREAD Greatest Hits Full Album

Best Songs of BREAD – BREAD Greatest Hits Full Album



  • I'm in pain right now 😭😭😭

    April Pepito 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Not all bread sucks!

    Craig Dean Dean 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • favorito

    Michael Guevarra 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • bread songs lang sa gitna hindi na

    BAKS PH 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • It is 1973, I'm 17 and I'm in love with a girl from my neighborhood, It's a sunny afternoon, it rained a little but the Sun is back…I live and live this music.

    Paul G. 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Um afago no espírito ouvindo sempre as músicas do David Gates !!

    Carlos Augusto 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I love all the songs of BREAD.very meaningful and memorable..♥️

    Rosie Desamero 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I luv n like the bread songs. Remembering someone i really love a song aubrey.

    Dyesebel Dalpatan 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Que merda acontece no meio que bread acaba e entra um monte de músicas nada a ver.

    Rubens Dibernardi Junior 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • The Best song, for me Aubrey, I dont know why…but I feel so sad.

    Mauro Moreno 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • All time fave✨

    Hannah 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • WOW, So amazing, Click here to listen to more great songs of DAVID GATES IF BREAD GREATEST 😘❤

    Music Collection 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • <iframe width="560" height="315" src=";clipt=EImIChixoA0" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    faqeer40 22/10/2022 am1:46

    Sergio Aldana Navarro 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Right. Moving on.

    maria Sarasua 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I love David Gates songs because my late husband liked his songs esp If.

    Elena Gallofin 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I love that song

    All around lily 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Such beautiful songs.

    Sharon 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I see I'm not the only one that noticed, you don't know who Bread is.

    David Ghent 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • This is crap guys. First couple of songs are Bread then its whatever. Not good.

    Chris Mills 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I remember my hi skul days wen i bike i listen to old songs

    Marsha Torres 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Eita tempo bom quê não volta mais aonde só se escutava músicas maravilhosas.

    Manoel Silva 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Love it, I was in college in the 70s, totally loved all of 70s!

    Cora Matic 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • download full album the Bread

    GOO Gle 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Amazing underrated band and I love David Gates. Aubrey is one of the top songs in my list.

    C Pace 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I listened to these song's in the 70's, while doing homework, dreaming of all the goodness ahead in my lifetime Glorified by the great music together with the Love in my Heart'!!!

    Kathy Lynn Lyons 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Takes her back to her teenage years

    Emmitt Blevins 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • My angels favorite love song group ❤by far

    Emmitt Blevins 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Kung mag upload po ka ng music wag nyu pong haluan ng iba..maganda po yung music kaso bread ang gusto kung pakinggan…sanud po kung anpng banda dapat lahat sa kanya…maraming po..

    Analyn Leona 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • So special to my heart, bread band. 👁️

    Geet Moh 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Every time i hear this song i remember my late husband..i really missed him…now my first apo were here na…❤️ I wish he was still here😌

    Araceli Capilitan 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I love their music. It makes me feel the way I did as a young teenage girl wanting to find that perfect love, even though at the time I didn't really know what love was.

    Angela Waldrop 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Remembering my fast girlfriend so nice from North Cotobato,Ilongga her name was Fil-amie i cant remember her surname we met in Manila 1985

    Jo Cruz 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I remember when i was in Iloilo,remembering native there Ilongga girl so beutiful and attractive

    Jo Cruz 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Feeling lonely

    Jo Cruz 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • What a beautiful songs.i remember my younger days.

    Rose Berano 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Always reminds me of Jr. High and making out with Nancy!

    Roy Dean 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • David Gates has one of the most beautiful voices ever.

    Lisa Calvert 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I need my bread and Peanut butter 😁✌️👍

    Pete Thomas 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • What is Michael Bolton doing in this Bread song? Copy paste FROM OTHER CHANNEL?

    Jonathan 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • fr u guys

    Edith RIVERA 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Um dos melhores anos 70, nunca mais volta recordar viver,. Rio janeiro Brasil

    Luiz Fernando Paes Viana Viana 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • I thought this album is by BREAD?

    Manuel Tenorio 22/10/2022 am1:46
  • Download please

    Jover Dioquino 22/10/2022 am1:46