Best Songs of BREAD – BREAD Greatest Hits Full Album- Bread Light Rock Songs 70s 80s

Best Songs of BREAD – BREAD Greatest Hits Full Album- Bread Light Rock Songs 70s 80s



  • Air Supply Best Songs Album 2022

    New Music 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Takes me back to when life was better!! 😀

    Terri Denton 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I would listen to thiese songs…..forever

    Roland Lingkit 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I named my daughter Aubrey because of their song, Aubrey. Love their music!!

    Ruth Ann Williams 16/10/2022 pm2:25

    Juracy Junior 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Ang sarap pakingan mga kanta ng braed..nakaka relax..

    Maricel Mercado 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Oct. 12, 2022. My tito Alvin died. This playlist is my only comfort.

    Dante, Abegail H. 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Love bread’s songs in 2022 ❤️

    Harni Sahlan 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • why does IF sounded a little off, like half an octave lower?

    Ferdinand Diaz 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Now that is nice Music, not like now pure mumbo jumbo , and tick tick! 🙄

    Frances Cruz 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Not all of the songs being played are by Bread. But nice mix just the same. It has plenty of color for the type of music it is.

    SunshineSharon 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • 🥺😴😟

    Lalala Lololo 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Haaw haaw haaw yea yea yea! Yea !

    peter nolan 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Am 64 and loves all bread songs

    ameenah cue 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Why do the Bread songs stop at 18:18? This upload needs edited😕.

    Steve Smith 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • 10 mos. and counting in Holyland🤗

    101% SharedLyrics 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I love their songs…

    AGNES TY 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Their voice are so nice to listen… 😊 remembering those days when i was in college days…😊😪

    Leah Amelia Bicar 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • The Songs of BREAD will never forgot ,the lyrics reminds us when we were young and free from any disease …We love it ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏

    Rosario Gean 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I remember listening to is music when I was 12 years

    Kephas Jere 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I remember listening to is music when I was 12 years

    Kephas Jere 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Luv this lullaby 💕….

    Denise Lodwick 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Ullshit songs not listed from other artists.

    Payson George 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • After Sweet Surrender it's starts playing other people's music!!

    Billy Batson 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Where did those days go?

    william rudder 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Lots of memories here. Slow dancing with angels. Some gone, still here. Missed always. Danced with my Connie, memories, cherished and loved.

    william rudder 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • this song is the favorate of my boyfriend that time i was 18 years old and hes 34 years old . thats every time i heard the bread song i always remember him. so sad because he passed away 3 yrs ago 🥺even were not distined. i know hes happy now with the hands of god. 😇

    Helper 1 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Great songs , enjoy listening my friend. ❤️🐢🎶

    Nimfa Bangay 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I love old music

    Emmyln Turado 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I do not know who put this ablum together, but it is not all Bread. There is a mixture of several groups and some songs are performed by stuio artist. My wife and I loved Bread. Even after 55 years of marriage, I play this for her often. Many memories of a life long love story.

    Gerald Pait 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Im Avid fan of this group BREAD..god bless u all 🙏❤🇵🇭

    Maria Cristina V.Pamaran 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Grew up listening to the 70s music. I don't know if I am biased but I really don't like today's music🤔

    Malti Pillai 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • 😭😭😭😭

    Aian Mangampo 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • my favorite band❤❤❤ever

    ruby terrado 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • nice mellow sound of 70s era

    Rodel Derosas 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Era pra ser só com o bread

    Francisco Assis 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I remembered my father when i play this bread songs miss you so much tatay 🙁

    Jobert Javier 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • This group the bread is my favorite since my younger days we love all song has heard I can find the to say goodbye god bless bread

    Teodosio Gonzales 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • tears …4 ever

    Annemarie van der dussen 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • A couple of Bread songs at the start and the rest is a mixture of other artists including Michael Bolton 🙄

    Pickles 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • I want to listen to these songs again even I am 90 years old..I am now 28 ❤️❤️

    Mariya's Life Vlog 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • For my money, one of the greatest bands of their era. Their beautiful melodies still resonate in my ears like when I was still a teen and never grow old… like me.

    tiffsaver 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • This is the songs that always makes me feel that i am super in everything

    Annie Leohart 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Uh oh, not sure what happened. But Your video is a mixture of different artists after the first four songs of Bread. It's all good music I'm just a little dissappointed it wasn't Bread alone. Thank you for posting the music. It is great listening.

    Daylee Nuuz 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Sumuko siya but It’s hurting tinataboy niya ako before rest and peace

    Vincent querubin Vicente 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Какими неведомыми дорогами добралась до закрытого железным занавесом советского союза, эта удивительная музыка????? Я слушала ее в 17 лет, я слушаю ее в 62 года….. Этот хлеб (bread) помогает мне жить….

    Ganna Dol 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Sarap talaga ng kanta

    Bodong Dongbo 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Bread songs are so cool. I started to listen their songs way back in grades school. I love to hear it until now i am 64 year old it reminds me of my younger days. ❤

    Jocelyn Pacardo 16/10/2022 pm2:25

    Luzviminda Quiabang 16/10/2022 pm2:25
  • Make it with you

    matthew powell 16/10/2022 pm2:25