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  • How can I block this guy? He gives me nerves

    Cyrus De Falco 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Burnt bread

    Mike G 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Think i just accidentally produced some ghost children

    Bradley Leacy 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • And finally, ketchup.
    QCP: you have chosen death.

    Zac innis 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Worst mozzarella I’ve ever seen 😂

    Holly Haze 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • American mozzarella is a joke😂😂😂😂😂

    Morris Man 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • The two most annoying people in the whole wide world

    Justin Kay 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Geh

    ᗋᗟᖇ¡ 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Sandwich betch 💪

    Shido Sensei 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Super Mario can cook betch 😂

    A AL 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • this dude this fucking annoying. never have him on this shit again

    Nate Sell 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • wtf is this

    Dario Chiparus 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • definitely not the best sandwich.

    Bobby Barta 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Gay

    Nazmul Nazmul 24/10/2022 am5:50

    Adrian Popescu 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • @Betch's Are you gay? Fuck Bro! Put your clothes on. You Seem to be a really great cook when it comes to Italian food. The whole idea of taking your clothes off to make food VIA Italian foods is not necessary if you want to be a real chef a real cook it's going to take more brains and getting your followers and hopefully one day customers in your own restaurant or restaurant you are working in the taste of your food. I can see that you know what you're doing and you have been taught well by either your grandmother your mother your father grandfather somebody in your family must have taught you very well how to cook because you do an amazing job but enough with your clothes coming off brother man you making yourself look cheap.

    Anthony Chavez 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • I’ve always wondered why it was considered extra virgin.. like did it’s god give it two chances? Does it become just virgin olive oil? And what if it makes sun two times? Does it just become olive oil?? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS WE NEED TO ASK PEOPLE!!

    MorgstheGamer 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Both yall are betches

    Xavier 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Bull shit betch 😢

    Pavel Tunik 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • 😎

    Sheila Carambot 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • The way that he said beach 😂😂😂😂

    Zamari Safi 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • 🤨

    Levi 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • If you throw a wet towel underneath the cutting board it’ll help it not to slide around.

    Sin Harvest 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • "Prosciutto" i love you

    Davide Pavan 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • ae is yo dad

    Steve Sil 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Shoulda made a pasta sandwich betch🙁

    JP 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • The crust on that bread is stupid crunchy

    Brian Wilson 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Subscribe BETCHHH

    tsuyimla yimkhiung 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Is that the dude from the new top gun movie?

    Elmedin Mujic 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Bro pushed his skin up to look buff

    The sniper 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • prosciuTTo, remember there are two Ts in prosciutto, when two same letters go togheter the sound is harder, like lettiera, bottiglia, letto, assa di legno, cassetto

    Flavio Lucia 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • he didn’t say his famous catchphrase 😨 something feel different

    •shadowtheloser• 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • that’s not mozzarella tho

    Claudiosss 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Idk who hank is but his smile is contagious

    GoldenSea03 Idk 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Best sammich ever. Mom puts salami n cheese. Cud b Kraft. Mustard or/and Mayo. Smack.

    Or. Dad does salami AND pastrami. Some cheese(not Kraft) with Mayo or such. AND chips on sammich. Not on the side.

    Those r the best sammichs period. Y’all kno it.

    IAMTHEFUSS 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Hank is the best yet 😂♥️

    Raihana Ejam 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Tagliati i baffi… e tanto per parlare…. In Italia cuciniamo meglio di tutti perché l'amore che c'è in un piatto inizia dalle mani che hanno coltivato il grano e quelle che hanno allevato il bestiame… Tu non so che costosi ingredienti usi… Ma un piatto di spaghetti al pomodoro fatto da una delle nostre Leggendarie nonne, non ha prezzo…per il resto buona fortuna

    Musica per tutti 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Needs mayo

    Christopher H Oaxaca 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • sir he’s not choking he’s getting choked on 💀

    i7xOrder 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • The only person who can make a cooking video sexy

    mamad 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Where’s the S&P Betch?!

    Rusty 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • Y does hank look like Mario 😅

    Ro 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • I don't like his pedo stash! Good looking sammi thou

    trixie mahmod 24/10/2022 am5:50
  • 🤮🤮🤢

    Ladji Yayi Tandjigora 24/10/2022 am5:50