Best Sandwich In Every State | 50 State Favorites

When it comes to favorite sandwiches, each state has its own, from Louisiana’s po’boy to Florida’s Cubano. Let’s take a look at the best sandwiches from all 50 states. And yes, we’re including burgers and hot dogs.

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Best Sandwich In Every State | 50 State Favorites



  • the cuban shuffle by cuipd

    Megan553 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • washington dc gaming by deetusy3lettus

    Megan553 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • 7:30 aw hell nah you didn't skip over the Bacon Egg and Cheese or chopped cheese for a smoked fish

    Ė 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • love a good sandwich…

    Gulfstream 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • Tbh as great as Russ and Daughters is….The New York Breakfast aka Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox is WHOLLY OVERRATED! Now if they said BEC (Bacon Egg and Cheese) I'd be on board..

    Guillermo Ortiz 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • good video.

    m Lucifer 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • I'm getting very hungry

    John Peterson 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • Some of these look good but some of these just look nasty. A lot of soggy bread and gross foods. Coleslaw? Really?

    Odesza 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • This confirms that I never want to eat in any state that's not on the coast. Also, every meal in this video were in like 3 other state favorite videos

    Chris Nevers 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • the new mexico green or red chile cheese burger is the best fact!!! 🤤nothing comes near it…or less you come too nm babyyyy

    Unique Sexy 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • 9:21 the workers manage to balance nine weiners on their fore arms" bet uncle dez2fly would like to meet them.

    Andrew Fairweather 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • Massachusetts….. Wtf is wrong you? Fluffernutter? That sounds so ungodly and sickeningly sweet.

    moshenmario 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • I'm sorry, but Beef-on-Weck is the best New York State Sandwich. A bagel with loxs and creme cheese can be had anywhere, there's nothing unique or colloquial about it.

    ThatRascalMerlin 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • nah alabama white sauce sounds crazy

    Sir Tote 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • 1:22 I have lived in Colorado for 23 years and that is the first I have ever even heard the name fools gold loaf. That is not any menu anywhere and I bet you over 50% of Coloradans have never ever heard of it.

    Joey H 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • 80% mouthwatering deliciousness..
    20% hot dogshit

    Flash Rogue 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • Just a real quick but important correction the first hamburger was made in SEYMOUR WISCONSIN!!!!!! Not new Haven Connecticut!!!!

    John Agen 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • what's the difference between a burger and a sandwich?

    99telepath99 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • I'm surprised New York wasn't a hot dog or pastrami sandwich.

    Megan Moon 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • Poor idaho. Best they could come up with was a pb and j lolol

    Sheik needles 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • Wisconsin is my state and bratwurst is all over the place. I kind of like italian sausage better but brats are ok🙂

    Mario S. Sanchez 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • In and out double double is nowhere near the absolute best sandwich in California. This is absurd

    Gregor Samsa 16/10/2022 pm4:46

    ramzeez pluny 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • I already know New Jersey’s is a Taylor pork roll with cheese and ham PEOPLE ITS NoT THAT GoOD

    Annabel 16/10/2022 pm4:46
  • 0:38 In Hungary we call these lángos, which is a bread dough like sour dough (that can be used as a pizza dough too) and it's fried in oil. We call it a fried pizza crust for other nationalities to understand. Might originated from here, although im unsure. Lángos is a traditional Hungarian dish that is worth trying.

    Rimo is here! 16/10/2022 pm4:46