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How to make Taco Spaghetti Recipe. Yes, I admit this does sound weird but trust me your taste buds would say something very different. As you all know I love a good one-pot meals because of the simplicity and most of all I haven’t tried one that wasn’t delicious. And this Taco Spaghetti recipe continues the streak. If you are a fan of Tacos this recipe is a great alternative to a really close spin-off. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Cookware Set





Measurement Used
1 pound Ground Beef
1 to 2 cups Fresh Grated Cheddar Cheese
1/4 cup Chopped Onion
1 package Taco Seasoning
1- 14oz Diced Tomatoes with Chiles
2 to 3 Chopped Garlic Cloves
2 tablespoons Fresh Cilantro
8oz Spaghetti pasta
2 cups Beef Broth

Ingredients Used
Sheet Pan w/Rack

Kitchen Tongs

Basting Brush


Air Fryer

Spinelli – All Wings Everything

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  • I say steer for stir too, it's a southern thing

    Budda-Kuh 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Nothing against this video or recipe… but one thing I've always wondered after watching hundreds/thousands of cooking shows and youtube cooking videos…. for all those who are adamant that a burger must be medium rare or it's overcooked/not a real burger – why are you okay with every other ground beef recipe having well-done ground beef? Shouldn't browning the ground beef be the last thing you do so that the chunks are medium rare? Why are you okay with chili/sauces/tacos/everything else being well-done, but not burgers?! It's so confusing to me.

    It's Jay! 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Going to have to try this looks delicious and very tasty 👌 .I'll try it out in the pan and slow cooker or as some call it a crock pot .Either way it should be delicious

    Jim Taylor 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • What a fun fusion! Can’t wait to try it.

    Thoroughly Caffeinated 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Thanks! I made mine Vegan with soy protein it tastes good

    Tery Santos 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • making this tonight, two things my wife loves, tacos and spaghetti! Great video man!

    Careful Constant 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Thanks going to try it soon!😊

    Charles Eby Jr 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Dang, that looks delicious!

    Strawbs 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Looks great! If you like this, I'd definitely recommend trying Cincinnati Chili. There's something special about cheddar cheese on spaghetti!

    burgerkiran 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • this makes me think of Cincinnati Chili which is spaghetti toped with chili (no beans) and lots of cheese

    Catterin 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Ive actually made spaghetti tacos…. why did i never think of taco spaghetti xD.

    Lemon Cookie 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Looks mouthwatering!!!

    Raymond Fornes Jr 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • thanks. u just gave me an idea to make next weekend

    Drkone Davis 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Nothing like making something new and good, you can't stop yourself from enjoying it.

    Griffiths 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • 10/22/22 – Wow, this looks so seriously yum! I'll be sure to try it! Thanks!

    Hindasound 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Wonder can I season my ground meat and put taco seasoning as well trying this today

    Cococola Chretin 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • This looks SOOO easy and delicious meal!!! Definitely ordering some extra ingredients to make this next week😍😍😍 thank you!

    Dog Mom of 5 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Hamburger Helper from scratch! I want to try this soon.

    Mrshoujo 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • funny what you call a little salt I call a lot of salt.
    especially when you consider that the taco seasoning probably also contains salt.

    It's basically just spaghetti with taco seasoning.

    luckily it's not what I expected.

    z matic 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • sounds and looks good gonna have to try it lol

    Vineous Von Drake 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • hahah IM JUDGING BEFORE I EVEN WATCHED THE VIDEO!!!!! I hope its good!

    Cody Willis 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Hi 👋 remember you asked me to tell you how the recipe was when I cooked it well I'm cooking it now I'm going update you in a few to tell ya how it is I have Been wanting to forever finally am 😊

    Jamie Barbeau 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • A true spaghetti western

    Pun_Machine 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • This looks great, thank you for an excellent idea. When I make it (and I will make it), I'm gonna kick it up a little with a diced serrano pepper and a little tobasco.

    Dave 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Cd u Send Me The Ingrets & Directions? Thanku

    Katie Forrester 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • This is just cooking the pasta sauce and the spaghetti together…..

    El Rafa 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • How is this a Taco?
    Where is the Tortillas?

    El Rafa 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • That looks awesome. And all in one pan, not even a strainer to wash after the spaghetti. Nice.

    klondike316 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Is there printable recipe some place.

    S Y 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • This was super delicious and very easy to make! I came across this video Monday morning and decided to make it for dinner last night! My kids were SILENT through our entire dinner, only speaking to ask for more!! I used 2pks of taco seasoning and added White cheddar. This will definitely be added to our family menu!!!

    Vonda 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • That looks great 👍. Going to try it. Looks yummy going to look at your chicken wings recipe to. Thanks

    erlinda romero 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • First time I've seen your channel. Looks like a great family meal.

    mongosafariadventure 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Any ideas for brands of lowest possible sodium count for taco seasoning? I miss taco flavored stuff so much but seasonings often found in store are extremely high. (You have to take the total and multiply it by the number of servings to get total amount)
    Im not sure on how to recreate the flavor from scratch yet.

    Damiante Infernus 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • that looks so good, i cant wait to try that

    Tina A 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Wtf! "Taco Spaghetti " naw, that's sopa..

    father of 3 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • This a stoner meal. And u could have just added Fideo instead of spaghetti

    DJXBOYRD 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I’m so glad that you have a soothing voice & not one of those annoying voices. Anyway this looks so good but can it be done without cheese & still be you know considered what you made bcuz I don’t like cheese in my spaghetti…….??? & ok ok you’re putting the Taco sauce as well oooh

    Blossom H. 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • That looks so yummy. 😋

    Paula's Pad of Paws 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • ooh- can't wait to try this! New subscriber here 🙂

    Neena That Sews 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • You must've been cooking for 1

    Akeila Pressley 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I used the Rotel mix TACO TUESDAY go to thanks 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Akeila Pressley 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Add some taco sauce to the meat before adding pasta. It will make it less dry.

    Bunny Payne 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • That looks delicious

    David Kreutzer 26/10/2022 pm3:41
  • This looks goooood!! I'm gonna make this recipe! Ty! ❤

    MEEMO 26/10/2022 pm3:41