Best Fast Food Fries (ft. McDonald's Employee)

The results here are SHOCKING. We’ve already tried and ranked the best fast food burgers, chicken sandwiches, and chicken nuggets. And finally, after all of your requests, we’ve searched for the very best fries. But today was different, because we convinced a McDonald’s employee (huge thanks to Kenneth for hopping out of the drive thru window to join us for the day) to come with us. Not surprisingly, his expertise on fries was unparalleled. Kenneth thought about temperature, seasoning, color, texture, and more. Let us know what we should try and rank next! Also, should we bring Kenneth again?


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  • is it just me or did he not put popeyes on the ranking?

    vbeetle 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Breh gets into to randos car wsp bro we eating fries now les go 😂😂

    Artemis 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • He forgot to rank Popeyes. (The best seasoned)

    Hayden Bush 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • It is not french Fries belgium Fries are the best

    Niels vermote 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Nick: chooses Chick-Fil-A on his Tesla
    Also Nick: goes to McDonalds

    mr. froggy pog 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • nice work

    Thijs Colenbrander 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • You forgot about Popeyes

    Trace Cunningham 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Kenneth was so good!

    Trish Ostler 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Where’s Arby’s

    Fish 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Do you have a Zambezi

    Tyler Towe 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • It is Belgium fries

    Pepijn De Boe 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • W

    ilaphy 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • why am i always a year late to every video ;-;

    Joey Denslaw 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • BK and macdonalds is my personal favourite

    Thamas _420 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • I do not agree

    Izzy kemsley 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Good man kenith is

    Troy Boxing 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • ‘Hmmm I wonder which one to go to because of the mileage’ me: FUNNY NUMBER 6.9 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    moNkey 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • The stare before “Did you order” had me dying

    Travis Venenga 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • JITB Curly Fries > Any other fries

    Ignacio Santana 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Not going to lie but these videos make me hungry

    Trosher 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • amogus

    fungus 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • When I go to chick fil a I ask for the fries extra crispy

    gtatankmat 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Bro can't stop comparing fries to McDonald's fries. When did that became the standard of the best fries in the world. I don't get the hype and I may never will but he needs to grow up out of this faze since he's a chef, not a God danm kid.

    Alberto Pascari 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • “The fries…we’re really yummy.”
    -Random guy that reported on five guys that gives me weird vibes

    Ave 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • oh cmon fries are fries to me xD

    S8gr 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • No chickfila or fiveguys in Ontario

    Lacey W 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • Wendys sucks, there’s no waffle fries at any fast food place In Ontario Canada and McDonald’s fries are only good when there actually fresh and not too salty.

    Lacey W 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • How could you put McDonald’s there

    Johnny Burns 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • can you do the best milkshake

    futbol basketball_editzs 23/10/2022 pm2:39

    Tkohjz 23/10/2022 pm2:39
  • I watch this video daily when hungry

    Bob WiLly 23/10/2022 pm2:39