Best Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich

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You won’t believe the exchange I had with McDonald’s on Twitter at the end of the video. The question today is simple: who has the best fast food breakfast sandwich? Like any good crispy chicken sandwich, burger, or fries, there are so many options to choose from. Today, I also brought along a random subscriber, Ryan, who was picked from the ‘Community’ page by my camera guy Manny. We visited the following restaurants in this video, and the results might shock you:

Popeye’s (kind of)
Burger King
Taco Bell
Dunkin’ Donuts

Parmesan Wheel Pasta:
I Cooked A Whole Wagyu Cow:
Tonkotsu Miso Ramen:


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  • Toss a like for Ryan!! Big thanks to him for joining us on this delicious journey.

    Nick DiGiovanni 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • I agree with the standings. But however, for chick fil a. Yall missed the chicken biscuit sandwhich which is top tier. Biscut comes buttery and the chicken is just top tier like normal.

    Integrated 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Starbucks>

    BreezyOT 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • bro dont sleep on the supreme croissant from jack n the box its fire

    Mr alex Dude 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • No but in all seriousness
    Tim Hortons

    Dylan Myers 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • The beggining of the Joanne trilogy

    Dragoș Vasilescu 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • thank you Ryan I love your personality

    I did it I did it 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Ryanstar 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Thanks you manny and Ryan

    Brock Tobin 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • For me it’s the mcmuffin

    sow keng foo 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • And this is where a legend was made

    Penguinboy 647 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • I love break fast sanich

    K.H.R edits 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • dyihhh

    Abdul Rehman 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • nick should get all the best foods hes picked in all these vids and make a meal outta them

    JustNoah 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Whataburger is the best come to Texas nick!

    Silas Huckaby 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Do the best fast food fish sandwich

    WasiRockstar 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Ryan is the man! I enjoy him and his feedback. Great video 🫶🏻

    Honey Moon 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Dunking Doughnuts breakfast is gross. Just f-ing gross.

    Brian Jones 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Wish Manny could also have a say in rating the sandwiches

    Lifesteal Chad 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • I guess there’s no Hardee’s over there

    No1dols O 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • yall i live in boston scoop me and let me do a fast food taste test i eat fast food every single day

    Laney szczygiel 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Ryan a GHG

    jordhi vallejo 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Here for Joana!

    Tyler 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • WHO else is hear when he just gave the Burger King imploye a car

    Veshermy told me so 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • I agree! Long John Silvers should not exsist!

    Isabel Henige 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • How bout let’s find the best yt chef🔭🔭 found him

    MushroomMania 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Dunkin’ Donuts croissant sandwiches are the best

    Colin Higgins 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are the best

    Top G 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • McDonald’s is my fav here in NE and I Love the folded egg and greasy Sausage lol but I’ve always been a biscuit guy over the McMuffin but I will say the McGriddle has gained a big piece of my heart in recent years 😂

    Andrew Nunez 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • As someone that works at chik fil a, i gotta say ion rly like the breakfast, but ive worked breakfast shifts and morning is always hell. No one wants to wake up early for a fast food job but my least favorite is drive through. Hell absolute shit hell.

    MB - 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • My griddle with bacon👌😊

    I’m subbing to everybody who subs to me legit 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Jack-in-the-Box is a good runner.

    Isaac Vargas 23/10/2022 am2:26
  • Niki

    Cristina Aparecida 23/10/2022 am2:26