Best Desserts In Every State | 50 State Favorites | Food Insider

From New York cheesecake to Boston cream pie, we’re taking a look at the best desserts from all 50 states.

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The Most Iconic Food In Every State | 50 State Favorites

Best Sandwich In Every State | 50 State Favorites


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Best Desserts In Every State | 50 State Favorites | Food Insider



  • Where is India’s countries?

    Mairrah's terrific treats 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • I’ve lived in Virginia my entire life and not once have I ever heard of chess pie

    cinder 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • This brought me joy. Thank you

    KC Watkins 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • i just love to Have desserts no Matter what is the Time or where is the Place i just Love to Have desserts. to Control Excess sugar Level in my body i Take Dia Bleen tea of

    Planet Ayurveda that was Amazing.

    Pardeep Chopra 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • We don’t eat Nanaimo bars in WA tf?
    All we consume here is coffee and in certain areas depending on the seasonal availability;various opioids.

    MAP 999 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • Who eats muffin for breakfast 🥹 Americans (insert alien guy meme)

    Gilbrennil 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • best diabetes

    CoytiMotoWorks 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • As a Virginian, I've literally never heard of Chess Pie. Banana Pudding, Coconut Cake, or even Coconut Pie would've been more acceptable choices.

    UpdateGuypls 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • There's something odd about the thumbnail

    santo hiji 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • As someone from South Carolina, I have never heard of a coconut cake as an option for desert. We usually have banana pudding, pie, or some type of sundae

    Cake Lrete 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • I love how you avoid stating that the New Mexico treat is FROM MEXICO. Racist…. other 'hispanic' countries… ridiculous.

    david haros 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • Not accurate for my state at all. Have lived here my entire life and have never heard of what was listed.

    Ashley Fought 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • Imagine goin in a restaurant and asking gor a cream pie😳

    Kaijukilla _911 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • As soon as I clicked on this video i just knew Michigan would be fudge

    Isabella Verhulst 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • as a Nevadan and anyone else who is one can agree that the way they say Nevada is painfull

    ashton rigby 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • for someone who has lived in new jersey most of my life i can say ive never had salt water taffy

    Lupus Voltaire 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • each states ways of getting diabetes.

    Edgar Enevøldsen 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • I'm from Utah. I wish everyone would quit associating us with JELLO. We are more fond of Dutch oven peach and apple cobbler!

    Jack Dickenson 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • As an Ohioan, I can confirm it's buckeyes. We have nothing else for it to be anything but buckeyes.

    Mya Alvarado 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • We do eat blueberries, but whoopee pie should have been Maine's

    animalgirl89 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • As a not very proud Arizonian I can say I have never heard of that desert. I say not very proud because Arizona sucks ass

    HulkJon , 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • How have I never heard of some of these? I've lived in Kentucky all my life never heard of the bourbon ball.

    RealFactionTV 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • As a Pennsylvanian, hardly no one likes the whoopee pie. I don't even like them. I always say it's a knock-off of macaroons lol.

    It's Raining Tacos 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • I'm from Missouri and I ain't NEVER heard of no gooey butter cake like why is that

    Your #1 fan 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • Anyone else have a better deserrt than a nanimo bar? I dont think i can find one everywhere, or some places that serve nanimo bars, that are really good.

    Julian The Kang 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • Whoopie pies are king. 👑

    Raven Demo 17/10/2022 am4:19
  • Ice cream is life😇😍

    Nicole Saylor 17/10/2022 am4:19