BEST BREAKFAST IDEAS FOR KIDS || Simple Delicious Recipes

Hello, foodies!
We are here with a plenty easy recipes for breakfast that you can repeat with your children. If the cereal is over, there is no need to miss a breakfast. Take a few pieces of bread for toast, roll them out with a rolling pin, cut into small squares, as shown in the video. Then fry in a pan, adding sugar and a little salt. Delicious cereal is ready! Add milk and enjoy. In addition, we will show you how easy it is to make your own chocolate candies. Add banana, coconut flakes, cookies to the blender, beat everything. Then make small balls and cover them with melted chocolate. Voila! After watching this video, you will cook the most delicious and simple treats.


00:21 Cute fried eggs
02:18 Healthy candies
04:31 Delicious potato balls
05:09 Mini banana pancakes

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