Barstool Pizza Review – Vinnie's Pan Pizza (Millburn, NJ) presented by Curve

Dave is back in Jersey trying Vinnie’s Pan Pizza, whose owner is so confident he thinks that his shop will be overrun due to the score Dave will give it.

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  • Pie looked amazing upon reviel

    Wally & Tony 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • From the surface it looks like rikos or colony bar pizza

    GraceAveRu 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • looks like sallys apizza in NY with no crust

    Mr. Rofi 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Might have reminded you of Kinchley's? in Mahwah, NJ…

    dogdrawer 22/10/2022 am8:25

    Gilbert Vela 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • It looks like Donato's….

    lyman135 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • "they been around for two years"…so they made a business solely on your style of pizza

    Old Ben 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • That looks like my type of pizza.

    Guanjyn 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • I think you were thinking of, Jammin’ Me Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

    Scott Teague 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • That is classic pizza. What every pie should be. That is the kind of pizza I grew up on. No substitutes.

    Brent Delong 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Busy or not, I’m gonna come….

    Viralnomad 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • That exact pie, if cooked by a 70-year-old guy who's been in the same spot since 1969, gets a 9.1. Everybody knows the rules.

    David Lackey 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • I want some of that pizza so bad sucks I'm in Michigan can't get to Jersey

    Kurt Crud 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • I called it 8.2
    Pretty close 😀

    Cryptidian 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Looks like the little Caesars thin crust.

    Angel Tercero 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Looks really good

    Time Traveling Old Man 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Nice pizza for the rats. Forget about it

    Steve858 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Millburn, my home town! Hope you got to checkout the Millburn Deli while you were there too. They created The Gobbler- aka the Thanksgiving sub everyone loves so much!

    Jonathan Pal 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Donna’s Pizza Palisades Park NJ

    MC1796 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • That looks like a burnt frozen pizza

    Dave Is Great 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Dave , Colony Grill, Stamford ?

    john carroll 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Looked like montys to me

    Joey Higgins 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Score seems too low, everyone knows the rules.

    the edge 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • I think its the thinny thin crust at Angeloni's in Caldwell,NJ maybe?

    GFlipXD 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Why is it so hard to find a good pie? Or a place who is consistent have you tried Capri in Ventnor New Jersey? 7.9

    William Raively 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • YO VINNIE you made the big time 8.3 Bangin

    jason s 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Just admit it: New Jersey has the best pizza

    W J 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • We’re you walking down the side of morningside park in Harlem last night? I swear I either saw you or your doppelgänger…

    A B 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • 8.3 gotta be near the tops for the bar pie. What are the top bar pie scores? Someone compile!!!

    Dex 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • One bite date forgot to say, nobody knows the rules

    Bradley Michelle 22/10/2022 am8:25

    Aaron 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Not exactly contes, but in the same area is Romeo's in plainsboro NJ. contes is like a bar pie and romeos is a more of a classic pie. give it a try!

    Adam Williams 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • I live in Ohio 😢 are there any good pizza places in Ohio?

    Kristopher Jones 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Looks like a Colony pie

    Rahul Sinha 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Sit on it Potsy…..You know the rules!

    brian nickel 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • Try Mountain Mike’s

    Abraham Fuentes 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • seemd forced……looks good though

    _ Sanzoro 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • He said this is great pizza and talks so
    Good about it but only gets an 8.3?

    Dj Simmons 22/10/2022 am8:25
  • This place sucks they fucked up my order and the undercarriage was too chewy. Fuck Vinnies

    Peter Cipriano 22/10/2022 am8:25