Barstool Pizza Review – Nola's Osteria & Pizza (Garwood, NJ)

Dave tries Nola’s Osteria & Pizza and we have a “No Pressure Alert” with the owner and son watching on.

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  • You ruined your own score by hovering… Looked like an 8.1 just a bit greasy

    Charles Borg 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Owners must know they can't be in videos any more, unless invited because it's a spectacular pie. 7.8, everyone knows you barely made a 7. Grim stuff.

    Boabywankenobi 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • This review had everything I like to see in a review, so in the davey tradition I gave it a thumbs down

    wopachop 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • I said 7.8 exactly before seeing him score the pie, and I was dead on.

    ctguitarguy85 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Its weird how even the owner or whatever just stand there and watches. Say I opened a pizza place I'd never do that lol just dam weirdo vibes it cringe for Dave lol

    ZSTRODE. 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Not genuine, authentic, Italian foods. These owners are clout chasers. These pizza places are junk! bye

    TcoButt SmellyStench 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Where's the reason why it didn't make it into the 8's?

    Autumn Fall 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • I mean, there was no complaints, idk why it wasn't in the 8s. He's given 8s to floppier slices that look much worse. That was a straight up overall good looking pie

    I Am The Glovenor 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • So intense watching them all in the background knowing that this review will either change them or …. wow.

    NoFixedAddress 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Grew up in NJ, originally from and now back in the Chicago area for a while now. NEVER once did I have a pizza in NJ that DIDNT SUCK. Horrible anywhere you go in NJ… and as usual just looking at those pizzas I can tell they suck too.

    Wes 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • That looks like a burnt cracker 😂

    Jonathan Leslie 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Dave's gut is busting out of his $300 basic white shirt.

    Wally & Tony 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • That shit looks like what the gas station near me sells

    clough211 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Incredibly rude for the owners to be standing there with their arms folded. Like yeah you better behave.

    PizzaJeanz 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • When I saw the title, I thought it was Nola’s Pizza in Greenacres Florida,,, they actually have decent pizza…

    dougksells 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • All 7.8 are to be disregarded standard score when owner in his face

    Michael V 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • You should come to Northern California Tracy and check out hella pie Pizza on 10th and Central

    JBM 209 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Can’t give an honest review with the owner lurking over his shoulder. What’s your name? “Mark” as he points to himself.

    chop 362 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Dave eating pizza with the Gambino crime family…everybody knows a 7.8 is a death sentence. he's sleeping with the fishes now

    A-Aron 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • 1:52 savage 😂

    Txmmy Beats 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • I hate when owners stick around!! Go inside let him do his thing!!

    david Saenz 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • jewish btw

    CAMPER5150 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • I hate it when the owner's sitting stare…. Makes the whole experience awkward

    Joshua Payne 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • This score could be a point lower if not for the ridiculous pressure literally left and right, Dave did respond well to the biased barber. I think the owner coming in with the napkin boosted the score a bit lol

    parlay everyday 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Pete and eldas has the BEST thin crust

    No one make pizzas in fla that are any good

    Jesus Christ is lord
    Be born again!

    Former5-0Trust JesusChrist! 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • Been to this place before. The plain pie is good but not mind blowing. The warrior pie is fantastic and the best pizza I’ve had. This warrior pie looked floppy or looked like it sat for a while.

    Jason Thakkar 24/10/2022 am7:20
  • If you see Dave doing a review don't say a word. Matter of fact, pretend you don't even know who he is. Dave loves to argue so don't let him.

    Alex Judo 24/10/2022 am7:20