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♪♪I am trying to bake a bread recipe from my 7th grade Home Ec class. Also, I come clean about my criminal past. I tell the truth about my criminal past.

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02:38 Home Ec Bread from the 80’s
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  • Great journey to the past. We all have those wonderful moments that stay with us for life. Seeing this reminds me to ask if SD can be baked in a regular bread pan to get a loaf style bread. Also, have you ever done SD in a bread machine? If not, is it possibl?

    rsteyaert 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Looks amazing. Thank you for the recipe. I will try it….

    Prita Monica 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Nostalgic and looks like a slice from home. ❤

    Trent Citrano 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Is the recipe on your website?

    Superfood Smoothies & more 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Do you have written recepie?

    Olga Mindel 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Easy recipe and nice tasty bread. Just made it for breakfast today and enjoyed with some home cured salmon lox. The only thing I changed is I added 2 tablespoons of sugar. Just because I like that light balance of sweet and salty in my bread. Note: I think it should be 200 gm of oats in the description, not 100, as it is 2 dl. Also, crumb may be different depending on a quality and size of oats. Mine were large old fashion, so you can taste them in the bread, but I don't mind 🙂 Thank you for another great recipe.

    Ilana Ryz 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Is there anything any better than revisiting memories made in our childhood? Your mom was very supportive and encouraging for you. It is easy to see where your fondness for cooking and baking came from. Since your approach to evaluating methods and recipes is scientific, should we assume that part of your processes came from your dad?

    John C 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • I can't put my finger on why, but I feel like greasing the pan by hand often results in a nicer finished product.

    Simply Beautiful Sourdough 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • That looks really good. I'm gonna give it a go. 😊

    Deborah Ruth 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • 👍

    Sheila M 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • I was hoping I would FINALLY figure out why my parole officer told me I had to unsubscribe to FoodGeek. Nope… still don’t know why I have to use my cellie’s computer to watch your videos.

    Enigma Wyoming 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Ah, yes, sort of a classic recipe for using up leftover oatmeal from breakfast. At first I thought the mention of your criminal past referred to being forced to make and eat this kind of bread! 😂 I know we had cooking spray (Pam in particular) in the US in the 80s because I hated the stuff–made me cough any time it was sprayed!

    VeretenoVids 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • That looks lovely! I don't know about Denmark, but certainly in South Africa we had baking spray in the 1980's.(Spray and cook) excellent stuff!

    Penny Nibbs 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Hey Sune, could you make this in a bread machine if you added the cooled oatmeal to the pan?

    kristy schemrich 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • I love that you go see your mother every week! She's very lucky. I can almost smell that bread. I wonder if your mother ever made it with leftover oatmeal? I used to do that when my kids were little and we had leftovers.

    Katherine Maas 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • So there’s only the one rise in the tin, right? This is definitely going on my todo list!

    Judy Vallas 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Funnily I could read and understand the recipe from living six years in Sweden. Would probably not understand if a Dane would read it to me though. 😂
    Have to test the cooked havregryn, but I'll probably still do it with sourdough instead of yeast. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Sune!

    Audrey Winter 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • When I first got started with breadmaking, I started with a bread machine and made a very similar recipe multiple times.

    Bill Joyce 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • My takeaway: you can get by with just the one short rising! Looks delicious!

    mbf211 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • I loved the foggy shots. I found them atmospheric if you will. I bake loaf bread every week and have learned to grease the pans (with bare hands) right before handling the dough. It helps keep the dough from sticking to my hands. Sometimes I even add extra fat to my hands. Your efforts provided a beautiful loaf. Thank you. (And we should all have such criminal backgrounds. Duff Goldman was a graffiti artist in his teenage years. Look where that got him.)

    Virginia Voigt 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Foodgeek Sune excellent video 📹 I follow you 💯 from 🇨🇦 #YSW

    Domenico Monteleone 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Good looking loaf, definitely will give it a go. Thanks again

    Nerina T 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Thank you – I would love a sourdough version of this recipe.

    Charles Bruggmann 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Love the stories too.

    Wayne Rollack 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Wonderful lesson, well done as always, you’re a Master indeed! Looks delicious! I will definitely give it a try!

    Wayne Rollack 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • My take away: I've been wanting to throw some oats in my sourdough bread to see how it goes – I'll give them a quick boil first. Thanks for this. I like to try new things in my own bread to add some variety. Sunflower seeds, caraway seeds, different flours etc.

    Graham Somers 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Fun! Cool to see your baking roots ❤

    OverLanderLite 25/11/2022 pm4:44
  • Looks good, sounds good, thanks

    Tom Rut 25/11/2022 pm4:44