BAKE WITH ME | Sourdough bread!

Let’s bake some delicious sourdough bread! Today I’m taking you through my detailed sourdough baking routine. In this video, we make two plain loaves & a roasted garlic rosemary loaf. Baking sourdough certainly is a journey but SO worth it. Happy baking!

Recipe & helpful links:
Baking supplies:

00:00 – Introduction (my sourdough journey)
1:40 – Sourdough starter
4:45 – When is your sourdough starter ready?
7:42 – Preparing the levain
12:01 – Making the dough
12:27 – Creating our salt mixture
18:00 – Stretch & fold
20:15 – Bulk fermentation
24:20 – Shaping the dough & adding flavor
28:45 – Final shaping
30:60 – Cold proof (in the fridge)
31:45 – It’s baking day!
32:30 – Scoring our loaves
34:40 – Baking time
36:22 – Loaf reveal & cooling time
37:25 – Cutting our loaves
37:57 – Taste test
38:15 – Thanks for baking with me!


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Let’s create something incredible! Be truly glad…there is wonderful joy ahead. ♡ 1 Peter 1:6



  • I keep my starter in the microwave , when it is out of fridge . As it keeps it at a constant temp . Ps pop o post it note on microwave telling those & yourself included to take starter out before you turn microwave on to heat anything 😏

    Trish S. 🙂 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Hi hun where did you get your pretty glass starter bowl

    Trish S. 🙂 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • leav•en /'levən/
    1. a substance, typically yeast, that is used in dough to make it rise.

    Yes, you can overmix dough. It will be dense with a hard crust.

    kris lee 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • I guess you don’t like a dark crust😳

    Lola M. 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Oh my goodness I tried this recipe and it’s hands down the best recipe! Made my best loaf of bread this morning

    L 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Hi, your way of making the sourdough is really good. If I may give you a little trick. When you are working your dough and it is stick, try a bowl with some water and wet your fingers a little bit. Like that the dough doesn’t stick. And I must say wicked awesome way. And best regards from Germany. 5 thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Francisco Ayala 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • On ebay many people sell dried form, not hard to revive… Don't bother with the fancy sourdoughs, they may taste like that and they may contain some of those you send bacteria from that environment but eventually it becomes yours because it populates the yeast and bacteria from your environment

    Lissy Perez 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Loved your video, new subscriber 🙂 I am looking forward to trying your recipe. I wanted to know what brand of dutch oven you use with the heart handle? It is so cute.

    Sandra Dee 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Beautiful loaves. This is so helpful. Love your thoughts on Loaf -Life Balance. Things can get outta hand quickly.

    Warrior In The Garden 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • почему у вас Белый хлеб получается в конце

    О/Е 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Hello, thanks for the recipe. I’m going to bake this bread. Also, where you your glass jar and apron, they are adorable ❤

    Ximena Pyne 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Так все красиво и аппетитно, вот бы рецепт😊

    ОЛЬГА ПЛУЧЕВСКАЯ 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Так хочется титры на русском!!!

    ОЛЬГА ПЛУЧЕВСКАЯ 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • No lids on your levain?

    Velocity Girl 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Why are you using the cover under the bread for the bread proofing basket?

    Giada Amarini 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Thank you for doing this amazing video with many details! I really appreciate that you took the time to show us the importance of making this bread in three days and slowing down to do it right! Even waiting after you get it out of the oven to cut it is crucial Thank you!

    TRUELILLE 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • This video motivated me so much to try it myself!

    Oatmealmeanslove 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • What is your starter feed measurements??

    Noel Labb 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Hi nice video you got here, may l suggest using rice flour to dust the cloth you are using to put your dough in, it really does help prevent it sticking better than normal flourq👍👍🇬🇧🌹

    Shady Bad 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • I love your jars!! I looked at your Amazon but didn’t see them, where are they from?? I’m excited to bake my first loaf tomorrow

    Elizabeth Damewood 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Thank you! Thank you!!! I’m making this today!!!! Also…where did you get your outfit? It’s beautiful!

    A GREENER LIFE 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • 😀Confesso que já estou faminta 💚 que ótimo receita!

    Morena Tropicana 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Estou 🤩impressionada com os seus belos pães caseiros!!!!!

    Morena Tropicana 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • You are a such inspiration to me👏👏👏

    Morena Tropicana 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • When you remove your dough from the refrigerator, are they resting to room temperature before you bake them, or are you baking them when they're cold?

    CraftSewCute 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Ohhh I love hpw ypu bake, it looks so soft and delicious ♥

    Daphne Montgomery 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Thank you – great video. I am trying to make a starter and then I will try this!!

    Deborah Caswell 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • That was so lovely! Thank you Allison! ♡

    The Wealthy Mystic ☀ Areege Chaudhary 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • I made them last week. Great and easy recipe. Thank you!! 🤩

    Paty Antillòn 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Allison, this is brilliant! You are a joy to watch! By the way, where did you get the super cute salmon colored outfit you wore on day 2???

    Kelly Dempsey 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • I wanted to know if there is a difference in bake time for the small loaf vs the bigger ones ?

    becky thomas 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Where did you get your jars?

    Karyn 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Where do I go to print the recipe?

    Mary Helen Hayes 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • You are so sweet, you should make sweet bread.

    Safieh T 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • There is no M in VOLUPTUOUS

    Skin Goddess 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Rice flour is great for dusting the bowls. There isn't any gluten so it won't stick to it.

    Amanda Sparks 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Oh too much talk please get to it 😢

    CALM A 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Loved to watch your video, and I’ll try to bake one.

    radar2ana 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • How much do you feed your starter each day to maintain it? 🌾💗

    Theresa Dooley 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Love the jar that your starter is in. Where did you get it?

    Claire and the Boys 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • you are a very talented person is a gift from God🦋

    N K 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • Made my first sour dough today! Followed a lot of tips from this video and referred back to this constantly while making! Turned out so yummy! 2 loaves and one is already more than half way gone😂 Thanks so much for the inspiration and guide! I ordered a starter off Etsy, and downloaded the sourdough for beginners guide you linked. Only thing is I noticed my bread was very moist throughout the whole process, as well as I fermented on the counter way too long as I left it out as I went to bed. Florida life .. hot + humid = less water + less time. But like you said – the craft shall be perfected in time 🙏💕

    Dominique D’Angelo 24/11/2022 pm11:02
  • I am new to sourdough bread making and really loved your video! I can't wait to try my first loaf! Thanks for the detailed video and enthusiasm!

    Lisa Watson 24/11/2022 pm11:02