Attila – Pizza


You know what you are
A pizza poser FUCK YOU
I’ve never seen you eat a slice
To you it’s just a trend Pizza is my life

Thin crust deep dish double pepperoni
Elios stuffed crust no anchovies
Pizza rolls bagel bites
Cheesy crust is what I like
Put it in the oven
We can order delivery

I don’t care I’m not very picky
Warm and delicious, spicy, sticky
Cut it into 8 squares or triangles
All I really want is pizza in me

Pizza is the greatest food on earth

I got drunk with papa john
He snorted cocaine with his apron on
He got too fucked up for delivery
It was over 30 minutes so my pizza was free

Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza
You fucking piece of shit
Why would you do this to me

I’m gonna peel your eyes
Out of your fucking skull
I will extract your blood
And use it as

Attila is Kalan Blehm , Chris Linck , and Christopher Fronzak



  • Kinda sus

    Matt S 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Masterpiece of its own kind.

    totally agreed with all words said in this

    Erik Ruzovic 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • No vabbè volo

    Foxy Figure 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Insane Clown Posse with Nuts

    Vee Cee 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • OH COOL a PAEDOPHILIA PIZZA PARTY. Im a straight metal head and DEF not into kids. This song is fuckign trash.

    Frag 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • i like how it name drops papa johns the whole time there eating dominoes love this fucking song

    itz8ean0 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Tye last part was taken from vargskelethor
    "Pineapple does not belong on a pizza"

    Vox The Voice 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Oh god it's been 4 years already

    PiousMoltar 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Yeah, no. The song is great and all, but I do have one big issue with it. Pineapple DOES belong on pizza. Put some on one and an Italian will not say a bad word about it. And they invented the damn things. Now… Add cream to carbonara… You'll have to reschedule your flight home for 5 minutes from now, or they'll catch you, remove your eyeballs through your rectum, and feed them to you. All the creaminess of the sauce has to come from the undercooked egg and the understrained, or, actually, tong picked straight from the boil pasta. But pineapple on pizza? I had that pleasure in a small family owned restaurant right outside Milan once. Yup. Not a chain that offers bastardized American style pizza. Actual Italian oily thin crust. The original pizza. Chatted with the cook through my translator, because I barely speak Italian and his English was both bad and rusty(Turned out that sometimes if someone new is having a full 8 course meal, he comes out with a bottle of good wine on the house(The least he can do for dropping such a big order, as he said) to soothe the stomach and clear the palate between courses and stays for a chat, unless the place is packed.). He loves how the enzymes from the pineapple juice soften the ham. Makes it more delicate.

    LongandWeirdName 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Priti gud

    Luiz Fernando Maia Rezende 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Apparently they dont like pineapple on pizza. Well… that's their loss and my gain! More pineapple for me!

    guitargodthor2 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • This shit is heavy as fuck ironically 😂

    William Whitaker 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Pizzacore

    UNSATISFIED FANS 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • The one guy likes his without tattoos lol

    BT 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • I think the mushroom pizza was a different kind of mushroom

    CryptoCooky 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Tell sponge Bob now

    NATK twkin 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • I can’t believe I listened to this band ironically Freshman year. Tbf Atilla was my introduction to metal core. Now I’m 20 and listen to ska so that’s saying something about my music taste lmao 😂

    Muss 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • fucking shiiiiiit

    이용희 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Where do I get fronz’s shirt

    The_monkey_mane 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • 2:28 really heavy🔥🔥 2:55 😲😲😲😲🔥🔥🔥 ohh❗❗ ear cumming🖤🖤🖤🖤

    oh humanity what a shameful existence 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Cola pizza and girls

    oh humanity what a shameful existence 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Anyone else here from that Juggslo documentary?

    Michaela Mooney 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Kinda reminds me of dethkloks coffee song.

    Demolition Man 23/10/2022 am12:01

    Andrew Harmless 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • It is the best video of all time.

    Jorel Jameson 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • this is iconic

    Javah 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • 2:32 it ain't Fronzilla anymore it's fucking Pizzilla

    Morsmalleo 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • This is if psychostick went hardcore

    Jimmy Metal 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Sawyer Shaw 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Pineapple is so good on pizza dude…

    Call Me Cacing Sarap 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • I can’t believe this exists….and I love it

    Dartmonke07 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • I have the same reaction to people who say pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. ITS GOOD. If you truly are a pizza lover you wouldn’t care. There are worse things to put on pizza. And most pineapple haters are only hating Bc that’s the trend. Haven’t even tasted it

    Angelo Mordini 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • its just pineapple

    hauntedjanemanor 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • The first time I ever heard this song was on a Thursday on 94.1 wjjo, and bc they always played it at 8 in the morning, and the breakdown is so good!!!

    Grasyn Wehler 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • The first time I ever heard this song was on a Thursday on 94.1 wjjo, and bc they always played it at 8 in the morning, and the breakdown is so good!!!

    Grasyn Wehler 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • This showed up on my Spotify recommended and I'm so happy. LFG

    Patrick Wilkinson 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Demons Watch YT and listen BTS and Read One

    lᐛ🫶🏻三 すこすこ砲ェ 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • Shit that was pretty good.

    Danny Cary 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • At :59 some guy really railed a pizza

    Nick Pita 23/10/2022 am12:01
  • That's it. This is the most amazing song. Hands down. No contest.

    Katie G. 23/10/2022 am12:01