At Home for the Holidays with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon is coming to you live from his home to show you how to make the ultimate holiday dinner using his favorite line of pans, HexClad. Gordon will show you in 45 minutes how you can make a stunning appetizer, entrée and side (and maybe even dessert) that will wow any guest. Full Recipes are below!


Chicken Thighs:

Root Vegetables:

Braised Leeks:

Butter Leaf Salad:

Panna Cotta:



  • Gordon the best chef around

    Travel Bucket List 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Love this man, he's inspired me.

    SeaHorse SeaHell 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Just thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and all you do and your family as well with watching them grow up from the F word series. Your my will to cook and especially for my daughter!

    Chris Capps 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • ❤💙💛🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

    Azad Sulahian 17/10/2022 am4:24

    Are Cocina 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Gordon is a good cook.

    u/Wholesome-Carrot58 17/10/2022 am4:24

    Elemucoga Production 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Hello, Bhiya ji, be vegetarian it's request, from my side, hope 😊🙏

    SIMPLE RADHEY 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • I wonder if you can translate to US English some of your ingredients? One in particular is crem fresh at least that is how you pronounce it.

    Erick Bauer 17/10/2022 am4:24
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    Stephen Scoza 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • How is adding mirin adding acidity?

    Māori-Viet-Aus Family 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • cai i get chicken nuggies?

    Stormy The Wolf 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Thanks Gorden and YES we call it TEA TOO 🙂

    Time4Tea 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • This is your best teach me cooking recipe…and takes the stress out of the holidays!!!!!

    Diane Paschall 17/10/2022 am4:24
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    MIs Suriay 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • I miss Gordon so much… Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen…
    I hope he realizes how much he's helped & inspired people, of all ages
    Thanks for being you Gordon
    Bless you and your family… wherever you are

    Cat Ritz 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Before it was 43million subscriber

    Uchiha once 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Gordon Ramsay subscriber is getting less from 20m to 19m

    Uchiha once 17/10/2022 am4:24
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  • Het produceert bosjes harige

    Alvarez Kellia 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • You are the best, best, best, and I learned a lot with you. Thanks so much!!!

    Almita colegiala 98 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Ca khúc thứ 3 của Đức Phúc lên sóng vào 20h tối nay – 3/12 trên Youtube FOREST STUDIO. Cả nhà cùng đón xem nhé ạ ❤️

    Jason Herrling 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Love it

    blueseacaro 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • good vid

    Ellis Callaghan 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Video actually starts @ 5:21

    Dark Monk 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Why do you put them in clockwise? Even if they're 30 in a pan wouldn't the longest time one would be in the pan 30 seconds extra? Does it make that big a difference when they're all gonna get turned?

    Davy Cornell 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • literally in quarters
    proceeds to cut lemon in 6 slices

    a guide how to make 1.5 lemon out on 1

    LPVit 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Rock and roll Gordon 😉

    Nelson Eaton 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Aww, my fav and he's using the Hexclad series pans…. Love watching him cook.

    upclose22 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Good morning big brother lolx

    Ramthian Thomson 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • I've learned so much from your cooking shows. Thanks, literally. LOL I'm thinking your kids tease you about that. 😊

    M 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • I remember in Kitchen Nightmares when Gordon questioned why anyone would freeze blue cheese. The tables have turned

    British Bandogge 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Gordon please could you tell me why you sharpen knife over food and work surfaces

    Mandy Whitton 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • I’m late to the game. But, I love me some root veg. I tricked my brother into eating chips made out of turnip! He had no clue! His face was of surprise! Cheers!

    Anemki 🪶GEE🪶 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • i always watch ramsay when i'm eating. makes me eat more

    .m. 17/10/2022 am4:24
    TOP MAN….🌹🌹

    ellioshie m 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • 49:21 yes,the crispieness..,yes Chef john….errr..Chef Ramsay.

    mister wolf 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • Thank you chef ramsey

    Laura Cone 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • How do you look at flavour

    Josh B 17/10/2022 am4:24
  • I love Gordon! See how focused he is when he is doing a million things at the same time? Cooking, demos, watching the time, watching people clear his station down correctly, mentally taking note on what he needs next on his station, answering questions with passion and depth and education and even knowing the names of the people asking, having tons of people all over you filming and lights and all that, watching out not to have a kitchen accident, and all the while doing this LIVE on youtube. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from DAY ONE! he is also NOT BORING, hes funny, eassy to watch and follow along and he feels so lovely and beuine and thats the key to a good television chef, when you can seem like your whoevers watching yous BEST FRIEND and he actually wants to cook with you and teach you. i dont think this amazing man will EVER stop having a passion for food. he loves to just gush over ingrediants and prepping tooks and veggies and meats and he knows like every single thing you would know about … everything food wise lol…. and he doesnt seem protentious about it he seems like he will love cooking till his last day and NO ONE can top how much i adore thi9s guy i wish i could meet him i went to culinary school but stopped and stated just working in kitchens to get real experiance like i used too before school (i couldnt afford to finish school) but i wish i could. i still work in kitchens and cook my heart out at home, its my "safe place" lol so relaxing and FUN and damn i wish he could of been teaching me in school cause id rob a bank to pay tuition!! the real world knowledge is always better i think, but there is technical things and you can never stop learning!! damn i gotta go cook a steak or somethi9ng to cheer me up! i hope i get to meet him or something when i go to London one day, when the pandemic is over. i feel like im leaning more than 2 years in culinary school just watching him teach and love his craft!! thankyou Gordon and god bless you and your family and merry xmas and newyears you deserve a medal or something for doing this for free on youtibe for us to learn and try and teach others! i wonder if he would know how to cook a newfoundland style christmas dinner?? mmm// jiggs dinner!! SO GOOD!

    Steph Collins 17/10/2022 am4:24