All Hail the Hamburger Queen!

Give in… #shorts #gamechanger #funny #hamburgers #gameshows

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  • The second I saw the picture, my mind immediately when to the Cuil Theory

    Allie Glass 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Sam's face 👀🤣

    Emily Durkee 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • MeatCanyon meets Gamechanger via Brennans infinite creativity

    MERMAN JENKINS 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • I hate it when this happens to me

    mchikos 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Sam looks silently terrified inside😭

    Chelsea D. 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • I love him so much omg

    TheWeirdKid 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Hamburger Rick and morty?

    Noxx - 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • This is just Gears of War 4

    Isaiah Wong 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • He would make a good Darth Maul

    Gabe Chacon 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Fine! Tired of watching these shorts. I'll subscribe to the streaming service damn you.

    oumono 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 3

    Волкот 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Brennan could be a Voice Actor and I would watch anything he stars in

    Mia Johnson 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • This is amazing but I'm disappointed they didn't break out Charlie the unicorn and substitute banana king with hamburger queen

    Nicholas Sano 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • I wake up in the morning i got burgers on my mind
    Keychup mustard mayo fries lettuce and number 9

    everybody’s sidechick 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • The origin for the Burgers Kings wife is weird

    EffYou,ThatsMyUsername 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • 🎶 I’m at Burger King with my burger queen 🎶

    Shiloh 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Xd

    TheBlueKnight 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • "Your word is"
    *proceeds to show a picture*

    Daniel Ortiz 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • genderbent Evan Kelmp 🤭

    Billy Sanders 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • The first thing I got from it was "feeling extremely guilty that you cheated on a cheeseburger because bacon and eggs were half-price at Denny's".

    Lora Coggins 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • every time I see one of these it’s just brennan beating the other contestants’ asses

    chad 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Though you be a daughter of Wendy, the blood of the Burger King courses through your veins. It is your destiny!

    Talmage Jones 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • "Your word is" then shows weird ass picture of lady being attacked by a swarm of hamburgers. How is that a word though? Lol

    Mace Face 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Brennan spirals when given an open-ended question and nothing quite shows this like how quickly he made a whole background, mythology, and powers.

    Eramiserasmus 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Brennan is my favorite person

    Yessirkis 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • This is the kind of shit my husband does and its freaking hilarious

    WompusSlompus 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Kinda sounded like the Spiffing Brit

    Kyle Pienaar 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • What's the rest, WHATS NEXT!?

    Limvoo 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • He should have sead to become the next Dairy Queen

    Daslaya O6 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • I love that Susan lowkey sounds like Lemongrab

    Clara 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Burger king has awaited his daughters arrival she shall take over the thrown and wage war upon the quick witted rouge head of the quadrilateral dynasty supreme ruler WHEN DES daughter of the great GWEN DES and Dave.

    yevi Coulson 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Couldn't handle the six hundred and sixty six.

    DittyVlogs 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • Couldn't handle 666 comments.

    DittyVlogs 23/10/2022 pm9:14
  • I want this animated so badly😭

    E Molina 23/10/2022 pm9:14