Air Fryer French Fries – Food Wishes

Is it possible to make French fries in an air fryer that are just as crispy and amazing as the ones done in a traditional deep fryer? Of course not. However, this very simple procedure will get you pretty close, with less fat, and much less of a mess.

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  • “In a moment of temporary insanity…” love it 😹 this is a great recipe and instructions!

    Rebecca27A 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Your voice is very irritating.

    Bill Taylor 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • It looks over cooked

    Khushnoor Mirza 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • This guys sounds like he has the Italian accent where it goes up and down

    KamiSinx 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • How about a similar video on sweet potato fries—I like 'em better

    Stevie Willett-Shaw 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • The way you speak, your cadence, is just so bizarre…

    Lucas H 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Bro these fries are amazing

    Joseph Porrini 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • When you only have red potatoes 🥲

    Simply sapphire 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Chef john can't figure out what to put on his fries. Chef John has a chili video..

    Eris Discordia 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • the way you speak 💀 but still very good tutorial!

    jacksito 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Overcooked🤣

    B C 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Thanks!

    Nash Allen 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • My man's got that big boy phillips air-fryer

    Coldkill2001 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Thank you, will try now

    Bushwick Polymath 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Tyson of your fryson!!!!! LOVE IT

    Enid Gonzalez 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • why does he talk LIKE THIS… 😭

    Escmo- 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Bro his voice 😂

    Jesse Rivas 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Think these took closer to 20 minutes, at least for me but turned out pretty good. Thank you. I didn't have the time to freeze fries for an hour and get oil all over so these were a nice compromise. Not as good as fried fries from a fast good place but homemade and not difficult to make.

    Alex June 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • I love how you’re reading like a fantasy bed time story, ty for the tips!

    Eric of The Otherworld 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • I love the the sound of your speech it’s so 👇👆👇

    B Robs 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Thank you for this. We just bought an air fryer and tried fries last night. I think I didn't use enough oil at all. I barely drizzled it like you showed in the video and most of our fries came out looking dehydrated…lol.

    NewShockerGuy 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • i can tell the french fries still wet and soggy. you probably need to adjust the heat temp low either reduce 25 mins instead like 15 mins ie better.

    igamingpublic 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Why do you sound like that?

    P2Nasty 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Am I the only one who this he sounds like reck and Ralph?😊

    chile i- 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Gotta love Chef John

    John Doe 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Chef John makes me laugh. Not only I enjoy watching his videos, trying his recipes but also laugh cuz of his sense of humor 😂😂😂

    Rani Kaur 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Your a wonderful writer! I love your commentary while narrating.

    kerri dubbs 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Count how many times he says "go ahead and."

    David Siegel 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Some one bought me an air fryer for Christmas! I donated it to good will in an unopened box!

    Seamore bottems 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Thank you

    Preeti 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • a friend just gave me a new air fryer cause it was too small for his family. made tator tots so far and came out perfect. its just a mini convection oven I guess.

    rando commando 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • What do think about heavily salting the boiling water?

    Megan Reeves 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • While people still use them 🤣😂

    Jace Crawford 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • if I could pick a relative to add to my family it would be this guy 🙂

    Liro de los Valles 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • This is the easiest fry recipe I’ve seen

    Alexandria Halford 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Making them now

    Shelley Smith 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • I love this air fryer so much that I bought another as a gift. This is prefect for not only cooking without grease but for reheating MyBest.Kitchen things like french fries as well. It’s easy to use and clean up is simple. I use this more often than I thought I would.

    jhonny puig 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Excellent

    Hester Green 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • i genuinely dont get it . so much more work.

    debrabelz 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Bowl don't lie…

    Atlas Created 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • this is the most annoying voice i have ever heard

    kyle baranowski 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Made this recipe to the T just now and it's great. Even the red pepper that I had doubts about.

    Donald Brown 25/10/2022 am7:43
  • Flash forward to January 2022 & I'm just learning to use my air fryer. LOL Thank you, Chef, for sharing.

    brenda okuda 25/10/2022 am7:43