Adam vs The Fat Sandwich Challenge | Man V Food

Adam visits RU HUNGRY? in New Brunswick, New Jersey to take on The Fat Sandwich challenge where he has to eat 5 deep filled 1.5lb sandwiches in under 45 minutes. Over 250 competitors have tried but less than 20 have succeeded, but which group will Adam join?

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  • Those look amazing

    Arun James 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • I would destroy these sandwiches.

    ᴮᴱᔆᵀ ᴮᴼᵁᵀ ᴹᴬᶜᴴᴵᴺᴱ 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Blimey! America don't mess about when it comes to grub… The portions make the UK's seem so tight.

    Nicky Cotton 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Millions of people have nothing to eat and here food is eaten by force

    Siggi Boy 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • I absolutely remember watching these videos when I was a lot younger!!! 😀❤👍🇺🇸🏆

    Brenda Stout 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • i could do this

    Pokémon Trainer Michael 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • This is like perfect hangover food lol

    IBeMelissa 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Jai dboss

    Stupid WhatsApp Forwards 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Disgusting.

    Michael Keller 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • He’s a really poor competitive eater when compared to Adam Moran and Randy Santel.

    John B 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • I do remember this show when i was a teenager because i used to watch it.

    Kate Wells 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Get me high as shit and I can destroy this challenge

    Hockeyfight 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • A portable coronary… But God I bet they taste so good.

    2 1 7 The Weirdo 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • So this is the guy invented mukbang B4 mukbang became a thing on the internet!

    Angelic Place 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • I could do this

    Martin Tennoson 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • @ 6:19 that is 100% Jon Barinholtz from Superstore.

    Merlin Septim 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • if you stop talking and start eating you be ok

    john Kosheluk 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • You can tell he loves cooking for those kids.

    Berry Gold 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Beardmeetsfood gotta fry this,I’d say he could do it in 30 mins or less

    Edgar Williams 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • Weak! Shoulda had a couple college guys do it with you.

    James Sills 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • i can watch a man eat 20 dominoes pizzas in 50 minutes on youtube for free, this mf couldnt eat 5 sandwhiches and had a tv show? i thought dawg was nice when i was a kid.

    Andrew 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • hahaha he called it Taylor pork roll….he knew he would start a riot there if he called it 1 or the other….so he called it both lmao

    Juan Santiago 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • holy sht !!!this guy almost die doing what he hates😂😂🤣🤣

    Hoang Tran 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • I see this guy lose more than win…

    Adam Kyriacou 26/10/2022 pm4:40
  • If I can eat a large fries and 3 cheeseburgers from fiveguys, I think I could do this

    austin tea 26/10/2022 pm4:40