6LB Fat Shack Sandwich Challenge Plano Texas

I was in Dallas a lil early so I searched Randy Santel’s website FoodChallenges.com and found Fat Shack’s 6lb sandwich challenge

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  • Hi how are you friend, I wanted to tell you that I really like your channel. Just so you know, this restaurant is really not clean, the oil in the fryer has not been changed for at least a few days. You can see by the foam in the oil that it's really dangerous, I hope you didn't get an upset stomach

    Orel Barzili 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Never heard of fat shack be4 but thanks 2 u i have!!!! dose burritos looked freakin tasty its a must try 4 me!!!! u smashed beards time and da challenge itself way 2 go brandon no surprise dere cnt wait 2 c wat u do nxt 👍🏼💪🏼👊🏼🤘🏼✌🏼

    David Akstins 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Good job

    Archie Lewis 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Ouch…that didn’t look like the cleanest kitchen. Look at Korean fast food kitchens…you could conduct heart surgery in them. Great job Brandon👏

    Mike Williams 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • sick croc nuts brandon! 😂😂

    Truffle Butter 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Great video Brandon! Amazing Job!

    James Sheets 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • The front of the restaurant was nice, clean and tidy, however, did anyone see how disgustingly dirty the kitchen was? The cooking oil was orange and looked like it hadn't been changed in 6 years. The cutting board where the food was being prepared looked like it had never been wiped down or cleaned…yuck! I would have fired everyone in the kitchen, shut the restaurant down and hired a cleaning crew to clean that sick kitchen. I can't Brandon didn't notice the nasty filth in the kitchen and refuse to eat there. "Wake up and smell the disgust!!!" Health and fire code violations everywhere in this kitchen…they should be "reported"! Brandon, SHAME on you for eating there!!!

    II Sigma- Billionaire Bob 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • You really tore into this one. I like the banter that most eaters use on each other. Burritos looked good and were gone fast. Had to go so just let it run. Was fun to watch. Great video

    STORYTIME WITH UNCLE BILL 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • How could you eat in that shi t hole, absolutely disgusting. My car oil looks better.

    holdenboy02 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Food challenges again!💯👍🇺🇸🤘 F yes!!!!!!!!!!💯

    Muse Muser 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Your intros are getting pretty sick.

    Let's go!

    Vaughn Don 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Omg u r just the cutest with ur bloopers 🤣🤣 awesome job as always u beauty 💖💖💖💪

    Jo-Sivv Froggy Herbert 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • We all occasionally, but I try not too 😋🙊😂😂😂

    Jade Hom 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • You destroyed them 🥪 excellent job 🤴 Brandon on smashing another record challenge fantastic time destroying 6lbs of food 👍👍

    Dale Bailey 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • I love your Kroc's

    Connie Wise 25/10/2022 am12:46

    Not Scott 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Editing legend

    Not Scott 25/10/2022 am12:46

    Robert Davis 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • had my wife watch this video and she said you got to talk yourself into swallowing a whole mouth full like that. cause of the gag reflex. Who knew! Any pointers I could tell her to help her out on date night?

    Chester Shoffner 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • That jazz to set things off amazing !

    Fawkin Genius 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • You killed it man

    James Boyd 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • You killed the dawg….!!!

    James Boyd 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Thanks for the shout out for Adam, the beard. Always looking in on you from the UK. Have you ever been to the UK yourself ?

    Michael Crook 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • DAMN!😳
    they need to change the grease in them fryers. and have that board cleaned up for the sammiches. NASTY, FILTHY MUTHAFUCKAZ!🤨😠

    BIG BEAR 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • I’m glad that you don’t fast forward 😊❤

    Emma Brookes 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Omg… That was awesome Brandon Amazing 👏 🎉

    karen blaise 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • The grease🤢🤢🤢🤢

    Latoya Wynne 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • It's crazy how you're that fast and still not 100%. I wouldn't have believed you if I hadnt subbed back in those old days when you were under 5k subs. You aint lying. I'm probably gonna check some of them back in the day ones out.

    nc86prod 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • There was a TYPO in my original comment 😂😂😂😤

    Jade Hom 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • brutha brando…..great vid but dang man that kitchen was gross……that oil got about 17,000 miles on it lol the walls were even dripping but im glad you showed that part so maybe the health inspector will show up an people wont eat there as a matter fact i just got there phone number from google time to play!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Йэςяò Bяiὰŋ 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Great win, Brandon, I knew you could do it!! I have to say that, that kitchen was nasty. That’s not a “busy” night kitchen. The oil in those fryers are almost black, needed changed several days ago. And the food prep area is nasty & stained. That’s from not cleaning properly. If they’re that stained, then they need new ones. No bad intended towards you, Brandon, but I personally would not eat there with it in those conditions.

    Rissa J 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • It’s an American burrito 😂😂 or a Mexican sandwich ? Who knows 💪😀👍🇺🇸

    Jereme Erxleben 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Probably would have been way better if everything was cooked and fresher oil those deep fryers were absolutely putrid you can see the foam the oil was shot and it was like almost black at a minimal a very dark brown

    JP Marx 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Yes l did, you just keept saying burritos the whole time

    Tool Junkie 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Awesome work, fun to see you destroy those sandwiches. In the description (yeah I'm one of the oddballs that reads them) Randy's website is missing an N. Much respect!!!

    OffyLibertyLover 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Man that was a quick challenge and video well I guess you took that time record from Adam 🤣 those where burritos or sandwiches lol 😂 doesn't matter stop fast-forwarding

    Mr Nunes RC & hobbies. 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • wow big guy amazing great job

    Mark Guy 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Looked delicious buddy

    Greg Rhodes 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • I wonder how often the change that fryer oil cuz it looks like its been weeks….

    Doug Reggio 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Great job Brandon! I love your little dig at Adam. However, he is not in the same league as you. You are a master champion speed eater and he is not. I enjoy both channels.

    James McCullough 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • A clean up in that disgusting kitchen is long overdue. If you were in the UK you would have a closure order for health reasons and not be allowed to trade, because it is unhygenic.

    Jon Snell 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Those are sandwiches

    Tool Junkie 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Yqw Brandon 🤗…it was got* not hot 🤦😂😂😂

    Jade Hom 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Loved your comment about Beard 🧔‍♀️ ha ha🤣.But well done 👏🤗🌯

    Sam Henwood 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Great video, but WTF that kitchen is absolutely disgusting! A kitchen should be immaculate, that is just horrible. I’ll certainly never visit

    James Montgomerie 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • Love the video entrance going into the restaurant. You also smashed it Brandon.

    Jer Eats 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • On sandwich 2 did u eat foil? Lol

    Ravens Mill 25/10/2022 am12:46
  • So I'm curious… When music plays in the background of your videos, you talk about getting demonetized for copyright infringement… But then you put your own kinda wierd music in to cover it up, how do you get any of that music to be usable and not copyright infringed? I mean it had to come from somewhere too…

    Michael Lane 25/10/2022 am12:46