$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

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  • 2:08 No shade to boltons, but you can serve chicken 100 ways that makes it "real" still without having a choking hazard lol

    Gotenks563 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • The first one is just fried chicken,its really not a sandwich

    Something Something 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • These guys started off in Tennessee, went to LA, met Binging With Babish who lives in NY, then just went to Japan? Like what?

    Omaid Shams 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • He said Steven more times than he said any other word

    Zack Johnson 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Stop with ads they never stop

    Louis Campbell 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Chateaubriand is the name of a French poet actually

    Ared 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Rie is such a gem

    JaxxSmaxx 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Buzzfeed fell off so much bro. Worth it was the peak of this channel. This duo ran the channel. Kings👑

    Splahes 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Whenever I’m hungry I watch these videos… why

    Asian Normie 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • “You can’t make a bad sandwich”
    Me after getting home after a party: “hold my beer”

    Hilanator1501 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • I'm gonna stick with spam instead of $180 wagyu

    Aditya Kailash 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • the way she spread the red bean paste on the bread is SO SATISFYING

    Kenneth Ho 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • 8:00 who’s gonna tell them that eggs are half of the ingredients for mayo?

    Briley Hesser 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • bet

    Charles Patriquin 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Anybody notice how he said he could taste the cheese in the pastrami, but pastrami sandwiches aren’t made with cheese bc that’s not kosher?

    Mathew Magneson 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Steven is such a baby..boooo..
    Come here in malaysia if u truly want to try "SPICY" food🤣🤣🤣

    boris the animal 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Not gonna lie, I would buy a milk tank

    Neutral Warlord 2 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • I been watching these shows for a while now and to me it seems the high end of whatever they are tasting rarely win .

    iampatmac 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Chateaubriand was named after a French diplomat in the 19th century… many dishes was dedicated to a person, just like Wellington and Stroganoff

    Tegar Achsendo 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • 180 for a little sandwich? Come'on.

    Roger Collins 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • The smaller the food the bigger the price

    Grahm Mo 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Sus thumbnail

    harvey lloyd martinez 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Seriously? Bun, cream and fruit?

    Thorny 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Whether I’m eating a cube steak or Wagyu, it always just tastes like A1 😂😂😂😂

    Ethan Porto 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • When are you guys coming back!?!?!?!?

    David Ordaz 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • The contents of the sandwich is the most important element due to the simple concept that if you remove the filling, it’s just bread.

    kiw 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Who loves sandwiches

    ya boi gamer 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Cool!)

    Kaleb Ayala 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • The fact that this got a lot of views and Thea guys are saying the fries are so potatoeee like wtf

    Giovany Ramirez 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • I thought rich people ate sea salt, you're telling me there is truffle salt? 💀

    Prince Tandukar 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Way to many ads I’d rather just watch tv unsub

    Dana Henderson 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • So many ads I’m unsubbing later

    Dana Henderson 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Has the most expensive ever been deemed most worth it?

    drew Obrien 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Omg I never knew someone would dare to fry kobe beef it looks amazing

    Kiwiiforfan 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • Is it a sandwich if there’s bones in it?

    EwGaming4U 16/10/2022 pm11:04
  • There's a love and soul when it comes to the "low" priced foods that expensive places simply can't offer.

    Brandon G 16/10/2022 pm11:04