6 Pro Chefs Make Their Ultimate Nachos | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Join Brad Leone, Hana Asbrink, Chris Morocco, Rachel Gurjar, Inés Anguiano, and Kendra Vaculin in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as they each make their ultimate nachos recipe. With toppings like chili cheese, chipotle chicken, and spicy goat birria to choose from, have a peek at what the pros are bringing to the nacho game for some new inspiration.

Director: Amanda Veitia
Director of Photography: Jeremy Harris
Editor: Kris Knight
Producer: Parisa Kosari
Associate Producer: Oadhan Lynch
Line Producer: Jennifer McGinity
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes
Camera Operator: Kyle LeClaire
Audio: Rachel Suffian
Culinary Producer: Mallary Santucci
Associate Culinary Prouder: Katrina Zito
Production Assistant: Kayla Zimmerman

Post Production Supervisor: Andrea Farr
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araujo
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter

0:00 Introduction
0:23 Rachel’s Chipotle Chicken Nachos
3:24 Chris’s Refried Bean Nachos
7:15 Kendra’s Chili Cheese Potato Chip Nachos
11:05 Brad’s Empanada Nachos
15:09 Inés’s Goat Birria Nachos
18:59 Hana’s Gochujang Queso Nachos
22:30 A Jump Scare With Brad Leone

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  • Everyone wearing masks while the main person is not. Is beyond ridiculous to me. Who makes up these stupid rules?

    Bryan Stoutz 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Goat go 2

    WWCF 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • wow love the way Hana tilts the pan to show us what to look for as we're making her method. She's a great addition!

    Carlton Ingram 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Brad's nacho is pure chaotic evil

    Fly Wan 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • When Inés was like "🤷🏾‍♂ no words" I heard that! 😂

    J W 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • OMG, they all look great. Love the evaporated milk tip. Wish the recipes were written down. Thanks!

    Cassie Greene 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Ines nachos looked so good 😩 made me crave them so bad and so late at night lol

    Gaby Perez 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Sooooooo…. We putting raisins on nachos ? 🤔

    Jessie Love 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Chris: “a little bit of smoked paprika” spills a whole tablespoon into the small mixture

    Chandler Morris 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Chris, yes! Multi layered is key. The ingredients have to be evenly distributed through the layers.
    If my wife wasn’t sleeping next to me, she’d be super hyped about those refried beans. Going to have to try them soon.

    Josh Young 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Kendra has the best version in my opinion without a proper taste test..

    Travis 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Inés’s nacho are top tier! I need to try asap

    Its Dinorah 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • lol i find brad leone so annoying but yes, OK, picadillo-style nachos = always a good idea

    Sarah J. Martin 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • No one except Brad has any personality. All the recipes and results looked great though.

    TTM1865 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Goddam those birria nachos are serious business. The queso nachos looked really good too, I might try this it looked doable. Empanada nachos are a no for me, out of respect for the empanada. But separately, why rice and beans? aaanyywaaay I could not, even if Brad. The chipotle chicken ones looked delicious too I think I'll also try, at least that sauce.

    Tabatha Ogost 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Inés's nachos……. dios mio i need to try this ASAP

    Margo 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Love the vegetarian options with Hana and Chris! Can't wait to try both

    Shannon Boley 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • wonton wrappers a good idea. i thought they were pork rinds at first.

    Religion is a poison 🩸 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • The guy making the empanada nachos lost me at the olives and the raisins 😬

    Kathleen Young 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • I miss brad

    cody rawls 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Blonde DAKOTA JOHNSON ❤️❤️ where is molly

    Satyam 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • I'd eat the entire tray of Inés's nachos.

    ak071 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Kick it up a NACHO two…

    Marina Godinez 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Finally, someone making birria with goat instead of beef. 🤤🤤

    Lilrodi 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • My cooking continues to improve because of your influence. I have nothing but praises and praises for you. God bless you. I did not see your profile on KHAL. All my cooking motivational Chef are there just missing you.😀😀
    Tha mo chòcaireachd a’ sìor leasachadh air sgàth do bhuaidh. Chan eil agam ach moladh agus moladh dhut. Gum beannaicheadh ​​Dia thu. Chan fhaca mi do phròifil air KHAL. Tha a h-uile còcaire brosnachail còcaireachd agam ann dìreach gad ionndrainn.😀😀

    Princy Lewis 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Birria nachos! Genius!!

    Gordito the Bunny 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Where are the exact recipes? Measurements, ingredients?

    Dee Jay 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • This is the first Bon Appetit vid I’ve watched since 2021. All the joy is missing.

    Katherine Knowles 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Need Chef Chrissy’s vegan nachos recipe please please!! Only thing missing here.

    Anita S 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • No, you don't get to put raisins in your nachos and then say you're "not a big raisin guy."

    pjalne 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • They say Kendra’a burner is still on HIGH

    borzica 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • The thinkable soap comparably dry because question modestly offend near a smiling spike. lamentable, mean dirt

    mel simmons 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • First time watching this crew. All the nachos were looking ok… then Inés started pulling that brazed goat and my mouth started watering! Girl! That I will be trying! I also look forward to trying Hana’s evaporated milk nacho cheese trick. Let’s see if it’s the cheese I’ve been looking for for years.

    muzicgirl15 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Rachel Gurjar – both quick AND fast!

    Salsinator 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • I’m sorry RAISENS ON NACHOS!?! Brad let’s talk!!?

    Marissa Hastings 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • I love the last two, all the white folks had fun regional takes on the dish but the last two felt like real elevations.

    John Allen 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Hope y’all are paying the people of color the same amount of money as everyone else. Let’s not forget how this was not always the case.

    Sandy Green 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • No pork on my fork

    Samatar Mohamed 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Brad slapping raisins, olives, and rice onto nachos like a true lunatic.

    Step Taylor 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Miss the original crew so much 😢

    LackOfABetterWord 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Every thing look alright but this dish is simple. That’s what makes it great. Not raisins! Lol. Love you guys!!!

    Joe Chairez 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • I have never even heard of beans on nachos??? Why did they all use beans??
    We always do minced beef and cheese on the nachos. Sometimes with jalapenos and red bell peppers. That’s it

    Raggie Tyril 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Okay but what about their go to salad? I love me a salad.

    shelby brissey 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Fatty chicken skin.

    Rethink cps 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • inés did not mess

    Cameron Martin-Campbell 18/10/2022 am5:04
  • Brad: how about beer instead of water?

    sam simpson 18/10/2022 am5:04