6 Pro Chefs Make Their Go-To Breakfast Sandwich | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Join Melissa Miranda, Chris Morocco, Rachel Gurjar, Kendra Vaculin, Chrissy Tracey, and Brad Leone in the Bon Appétit test kitchen as they each prepare their favorite breakfast sandwich. Now, opinions might differ on which ingredients make for the best sandwich to start to your day – are eggs an absolutely necessity? Does anyone love Taylor Ham as much as Brad? Whichever way you slice it, some of these breakfast sandwiches are bound to get your motor going.

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Chris’s Diner-Style Sausage, Egg & Cheese on a Kaiser Roll
2:05 Rachel’s Indian-Style Omelet on Ciabatta
4:37 Brad’s Taylor Ham, Lettuce & Tomato on a Toasted Bagel
6:53 Chrissy’s Tofu Scramble on an English Muffin
10:21 Japanese-Style Egg Salad on Milk Bread
13:19 Kendra’s Goat Cheese & Dill Frittata on Brioche
15:15 Fuzzy Taylor Ham Memories with Brad Leone

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6 Pro Chefs Make Their Go-To Breakfast Sandwich | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit



  • Chris: You can eat this with one hand while drinking coffee
    Next shot: Chris takes a bite with two hands.

    Just teasing you, Chris. 🙂

    amatuba 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • The Indian Girl has a fake American accent 😅

    Nazish Fatima 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Yall are dorked up by being a bunch of drn Yankees caint even understand what it is to be a basic American human any place but in NY. I blame all of you for being egocentric and isolated, not creative not interesting not reaching an audience outside your own world. I thought better of youns, I hate it when I'm wrong

    Alexander Coston 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • I just made a toasted Turkish roll with tomato, mayo, spring onion, cheese and hot salami! A great breakfast! And vitamins after!

    Brendan Hoffmann 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • 👌🏻
    Vegan scramble

    Kiera McLaughlin 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • The bread seems to get the short shrift.

    Mark Banford 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • 7 boiled eggs for a "go-to" sandwich?

    allstar simbi 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Made Rachel's Indian Style omelet because, for once in my life, I had all the ingredients in the fridge. These eggs are a game changer. The perfect spicy kick for my morning 🤩

    Jessica 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Leone… Everything went good until u did not use an eggo waffle

    stephenboutet 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • The equable step-brother gradually imagine because shingle phylogenetically join but a bouncy desk. agreeable, lavish conga

    ศิริรัตน์ สิมสีดา 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • the only recipe here that doesn't smell like sulfur is chris's recipe

    Diego Ruiz 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Sausage eggs and cheese on everything bagel

    Isabelle 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • The Indian chef is pretty hot

    Eric I 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • I think Rachel might be the best cook on the show, at least when it comes to my own personal tastes. She needs her own show.

    evenhasawatermark 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Every poor house hold grew up eating spam I still love it to this day

    Marisela Garcia 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Brad get in the bin. What is that? Breakfast Sandwich without Egg is basically just a sandwich… Your sandwich would be perfect with an egg on it. You just choose violence that day.

    Max Mustermann 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Legit just watched to see brads

    Zach Ackerman 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Every1 but Chris is literal definition of "tryhard". "Kiss" keep it….

    e82 n54 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • I want to share my recipe too ☺️

    Arya 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Yum spam😇

    Libby 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • That looks good brad. Okay everything always looks good. I like how the first guys is so simple but you know it’s so good

    Libby 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • The Yt girl did not want to use salt at all.

    ABC DEF 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • With kewpie Mayo. Thumbs up 👍 brad

    Diane Tackett 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • We don’t even have Taylor ham “outwest “.

    Diane Tackett 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Pro chefs huh? Lol

    Garage Spot 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • They missed a big opportunity to use a croissant 🥐. It’s perfect for breakfast; flaky, buttery, and holds up well. It would have elevated any one of these sandwiches!

    Andrew Spielman 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • BLT or tuna pan bagnat are my go-to choices, but a cheese and mushroom pannini with or without proscuitto would be good, as is smoked salmon and cream cheese with raw onions and capers on toasted an Italian roll (I don't like bagels.) As a child my favorite was a creamy French-style scrambled egg sandwich on very generously buttered toast.

    Richard Engelhardt 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • eh to all 6…

    Jacob Smith 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Brad tries too hard.

    Nick f 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • She cut the crust after filling her sandwich. I cannot believe this

    Loud Fun Strawberry 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Why do all the NRI Indian chefs sabotage Indian khaana?

    Safa Shaikh 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Brad, is that an et pumpernickel bagel?

    Sara Kuchtyn 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Doesn’t like eggs in his breakfast sandwich… precedes to add mayonnaise which is mostly made of eggs….

    Kamishawe 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Props to Chris’ low-key shoutout to sandwich structure. Nothing’s worse than spending all that time putting together the perfect breakfast sandwich only for all of your ingredients to slip out when you take the first bite.

    john carter 20/10/2022 pm3:30
  • LOVE Chrissy’s vibe yesssss

    Rachel W 20/10/2022 pm3:30