5 Pro Chefs Make Their 5-Ingredient Pasta Recipes | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Join Brad Leone, Melissa Miranda, DeVonn Francis, Chrissy Tracey, and Zaynab Issa in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as they each prepare a tantalizing pasta dish with only 5 different ingredients.

See Chrissy’s full Pasta with Sun Gold Tomatoes and Balsamic Glaze recipe here: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/sun-gold-balsamic-pasta

Director: Amanda Veitia
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0:00 Introduction
0:33 Brad’s Anelletti and Shrimp Pasta
3:49 Zaynab’s Bucatini with Calabrian Chile Paste
6:43 Melissa’s Ditalini with Pancetta and Peas
10:39 Chrissy’s Pasta with Sun Gold Tomatoes and Balsamic Glaze
14:14 DeVonn’s Spaghetti Alla Chitarra with Squid Ink
18:42 A Word From Brad Leone

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  • Looking for more cooking inspiration? Gain unlimited access to over 50,000 recipes across Bon Appétit and Epicurious https://bit.ly/35YkK73

    Bon Appétit 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • How did Brad pick parsley instead of basil is beyond me

    Twiggi 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • The heyday of the BA kitchen is gone. These new people are like watching cement dry. Bring back the 2020-2021 crew please.

    SoaringBeard 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • I haven't watched this channel since that salary fiasco.
    Did they straight up replace the underpaid people of color with…the exact same type of people of color?

    Youssef 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • That last clip of Brad was PERFECT 😂😂😂

    Gabrielle mesmo 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Lower the number of ingredients you get
    /freebes/ black pepper and salt


    (Cacio e Pepé)
    /free/ Pepper Salt


    (Spaghetti Aglio e olio)
    Red pepper flakes
    /free/ salt and olive oil

    Antonio Dejesus 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • That squid ink pasta was the standout for me!

    Jonathan Carmel 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • I would definitely make Brad’s and Chrissy’s pasta since I pretty much always have the ingredients in my fridge and they come together very fast.

    Anesha Elizabeth 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • The last two chefs need their own longer shows or regular features especially but all of them are as good or better than national star chefs. 👨‍🍳 👩‍🍳

    America True Crime 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • ☺️love the Kitchen!

    Caringly Crafted Recipes 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • That cuttlefish ink dish was so pretty and creative!

    Kyla Blomquist 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • i loveeeee to see the diversity 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻

    nosh 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • You definitely saved the best for last with Devonn's recipe. Very impressive with the limited ingredients. I think they nailed it.

    Mathias 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Brad got his teeth done!!!!

    Danielle Satava 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • i thought the gold tomatoes were egg yolks lolol

    Vicki Basso 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • I prefer pancetta to be browned with some crispy bits!

    Lauren B. Taylor 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • as a culinary student, these videos give me SO MUCH inspiration. THANK YOU

    Karah Flowers 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • This is such a great lineup!!

    James Ugljesa 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • We need closed captions!!!

    g1ngi 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • These people don’t interact. It’s so sterile and it seems like a job for them.

    Aaron Montgomery 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Bout time BA got some people of color in the mix 👏🏾

    Peter Afriyie 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • May I that note that none of the dishes is actually made with 5 ingridients – there's usually six or seven. For an Italian that's a garlic bonanza in every dish. To top it off; NO PARMESAN over fish. I'm sorry but it's underwhelming.

    Livio Misgur 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • If they say noodles one more time…

    Zachary Corolla 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • I made Chrissy’s and it was excellent. 10/10 would eat again and recommend!

    Michael Bertolino 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • This video was not "diverse" enough. Are you racists or something?

    StimParavane 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • The gold tomato pasta looks incredible! Can't wait to make it.

    Florence Reynier 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • How does a professional chef not know how to say “Calabrian” correctly? Maybe that’s why her pasta looks so boring and lame.

    Ronnie Deshe 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Pancetta of the sea tf I’ve never seen that I wanna try it

    Libby 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • They all look good but the yellow tomato one I wanna try so bad.

    Libby 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • DeVonn's was very special for sure. Great colors

    isorry123_eth 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • What was that cured thing DeVonn used? I been trying to find the spelling for it for like 30 mins😩

    Alec Martinez 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Zaynab looking gorgeous in this.

    Melanistic Mandalorian 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Zaynab is drop dead gorgeous!!!

    Miriam Aslam 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • All these look good but that last one looks fire.

    jjhill001 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • "Pro Chefs" LOL

    Lonny G 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • I bought everything to make the Calibrian Chili Paste pasta. Can't wait to try it.

    Dan G 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Brad sounds like Bill Murray

    Eternal Perspective 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • the one pan pasta is the most accessible/convenient to me — but the golden pasta just looks so pretty tho

    Dominic Go 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Instant like for brad

    Priyal 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Just tried the golden tomato pasta. Sooo delicious! Def going to make it on a regular basis.

    Eliana K 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Is there a sandwich version of this in the same format? I think that'd be a hit !!

    Sruthi 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Since when is Brad a Pro Chef? 😂

    MopsyDaisy 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • No one noticed Brad humming and whistling 2 pitches at the same time.

    Supe Rack 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • I just made the golden tomato dish and it is SO GOOD honestly the best pasta I've ever made for myself

    jbbj00 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Wondering if the BA cooks can talk about the use of EVOO when cooking, because we keep hearing it should not be used when cooking but as a finisher

    Liz P 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • DeVonn:
    Treat Yo Self!

    fuqinazhole 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • The fancy spaghetti-O's needs some chili flakes. Just a touch of heat would make that perfect!

    fuqinazhole 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Chrissy’s dish looked like sunshine on a plate! So vibrant and beautiful! Proving everyone who thinks vegan food is boring and sad wrong! Wish I could taste it! Does she have her own channel? 🌱😊

    Swadha Chouksey 17/10/2022 am1:39
  • Zaynab nailed the mission – anything with 5 ingredients should be simple and easy. Hers was the epitome of that. Great stuff.

    Nathan Chase 17/10/2022 am1:39