$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich Vs. $20 Fried Chicken Sandwich

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  • What happened to the spicy fried chicken video on worth it?

    SleepySloth 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • 5 to 20 isn't exactly drastic

    Not Relevant 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Very good video

    Ludde 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Kuniko was on top chef and I loved her. So glad to see her here

    Ash McCartney 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • I still dream about the Pico niko sandwich if I ever go there and they take it off the menu I may cry

    Nostalgia Rains 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Lol you know the last sandwich wasn't good when they don't even talk about the sandwich

    savneet singh 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • I wish they did some episodes of like African food, would love to see them eating fufu

    Danny Trieu 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Cold chicken,hell no

    A A 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • The cameraman look so creepy

    Den Last 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • They was giving 2022 vibes before 2022😭😭✅

    cecilia olivares 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • i love how they always include a clip of adam trying the food just to show that they treat like a real live human being lol

    Jacob Healy 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Blue hair reminds me of wokeness, yikes!

    focused1 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • bro what is andrews hairline ??????

    Long Duc Nguyen 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Unpopular opinion: chicken sandwich’s are nasty

    Alesha Sawastuk 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Anyone who says "market avocado" un-ironically needs to be punched in the face.

    Nikolai 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Old BuzzFeed was gold.

    Roy 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • please that ending

    Tris 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • I'll definitely going to pikunico to see the own- i mean to eat… to eat!!

    MoeruHouou 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • "Goddammit that's good." Never trust a book by its cover.

    Don’tEatSoggyWaffles 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • My favorite part was where I LOLd at Andrew's "what did we learn about fried chicken?" synopsis at the tail end: "While friend chicken sandwiches may continue to be eaten the world round, at least we'll know that they taste good. Solved. " LOL!

    John Thomas Kooz Kuczmarski 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • You know you're a person who loves the "crackle"-crunch in general when you differentiate between a high-pitch (leaves) and low pitch (snow) crackle!

    John Thomas Kooz Kuczmarski 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Andrew should check that boulder on hos neck 15:55

    Jassan T 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Nostalgic to realize that this was the final episode prepandemic.

    Joy Cabrera 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • The KFC in Australia still has the double down 😂

    mrbigw100 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • That comment by the owner of Pikunico is so underrated: “I eat my salads every day”. A chef that loves her own products is the kind of restaurant want to go to

    Max Crysdale 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Please come back 😢

    izzy zzzycwycz 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • You can tell Steven is sad inside

    Dana Henderson 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • I swear Andrew is better duo with steven than whats his face

    Uly 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • This is what makes buzz feed bearable to watch

    Unseen Asian 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Adam is a dirty boii.

    Roberto Rayo Herrera 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • Her: He's probably out there cheating on me right now.
    The Dude: 15:17

    Restarting // 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • 4:47 Yup, totally gonna do that with the boys next time

    Sadad Erlangga 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • leche de tigre is actually a drink in peru

    Someone Handsome 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • i could 100% concurr to the Moss statement.

    Don Té 18/10/2022 am10:55
  • i love how andrew is now taller than steven 😂

    QuaintVZ 18/10/2022 am10:55