5 FAST breads I make from my 5-minute bread dough!

I love keeping my 5-minute bread dough in the refrigerator for fresh-baked bread every night of the week. But sometimes I get tired of just plain bread. Here are five other ways I use my easy 5-minute bread dough to have dinner (or breakfast) on the table in a hurry!

5-Minute Bread Recipe: https://homesteadingfamily.com/no-knead-artisan-bread/
All 5 Recipes from this video: https://homesteadingfamily.com/five-no-knead-dough-recipes/

0:00 – Intro
0:42 – No-Knead Bread Dough
1:52 – Herbed Flatbread
3:25 – Garlic Parmesan Bread Rolls
5:59 – Quick Dinner Rolls
6:56 – Jamrolls
10:16 – Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Artisan Mini-Loaf


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  • Thank you thank you thank you I love you I love you for this video because I am a bread freak to the extreme and a 5-minute dough recipe is definitely what I have been needing. Otherwise it takes me all day to make homemade bread.. I don't get around to making my homemade bread anymore because of my rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. Now this 5 minute dough recipes just made it possible for me to make homemade bread again. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 👍😇🙏

    Charlene Mock 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Keep some seasoned garbanzo beans in the fridge to throw on those summer salads for some filling protein

    Linda S 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Can you use it immediately after it’s first rise( no refrigeration)?

    Celia Hilbrand 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Can you come to Fl to teach me and my friend??? 😊

    Jessica Wilbanks 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Will this recipe work with fresh ground wheat from soft white wheatberries?

    amethyst22 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Amazi

    Andja Skurteska 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • The jam rolls had me thinking of trying that but with bacon and maple syrup. 😃🤔🥰

    Antonette Andrew 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Sorry but make no sense….you made mess….

    Enver Halilovic 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Well if you add salt to the yeast you kill the yeast??

    Enver Halilovic 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Yum

    Sheila Bowers 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Just found your recipe Oct 2022. Wondering can I use gluten Free Flour

    Dorothy Corke 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Im going to make this, but I ineed to get that container. Can you tell us where you got it?

    Kathy 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Do you have recipe for gluten free bread?

    Debra Swing 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Is there some reason why you don’t bake it until it is browned?

    Jwoo 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Brilliant! 😃 I LOVE making bread! Will try some of these creative recipes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Hadassah Haman 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • What kind of flour? All purpose or self rising….I have never made bread before

    Rachael Nuchols 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Perfect for a single or small family to make just what is needed at the time 😀

    Sandra Buck 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • No sugar? All at 350 degrees?

    Rosewood 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Love this video. Did you make all of that from one recipe of your dough?

    Edith DiMuro 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Excellent video!!!

    Rosie Cooks 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • What about making a whole wheat recipe so that there is more fiber and nutrients? Can those be added? White bread is too high in carbohydrates.

    Tia Huggins 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • I made a savoury version of the jam rolls with cheese, and leftover spinch w garlic, they were gone in 60 seconds😋😋😋

    Heather Wolmarans 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Can you tell me where you got your green pots and pans? I love them!

    Kim Ferrugia 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Do you think I can use this recipe to make pizza?!

    RTC Redeemed 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Does any flour work? Whole wheat?

    Alex Paul 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • I made this the other day and have already used it up on two of the recipes. I love this and it makes my life so much easier! Thanks so much for your videos.

    Tammy Wadsworth 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • 😃😃😃

    Caroline Pope 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • We add olives to the flatbread….yum!

    Judy Charl 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • This is my favorite channel! I learn so much, and Josh and Carolyn are wonderful!

    Suse Wambold 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • It just came to mind about how much healthier this dough is for families vs. the big food companies that produce potato chips and colored flavored corn chips, colorful cereals, breakfast treats. all highly addictive but toxic. Whether many believe bread is healthy or not, I promise it's better than so much processed foods out there. Can pick a more health-wise flour if you want too or without the added synthetic vitamins. thanks for sharing your wisdom with others!!

    Bruce & Debbie 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • What was the oven temp for the Flatbread please? Thank you and this recipe is a lifesaver! I love it.

    Maria Cullati 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • I make this every week to use as pizza dough. It makes 3 reasonably large thin crust pizzas. I love all these ideas! My dough was getting a little old (been sitting in the fridge about 10 days), so I decided to use it for bread like you do and it is the most delicious tangy sourdough ever! I used fresh ground spelt and hard red wheat. 😋 You're the reason I got a banneton and a dutch oven… Just for this bread! Lol.
    Definitely need to try the jam rolls with our homemade jam. 😍

    MyCup Overflows 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Wrote down recipe!! Already made it!!! Im in heaven !! Tyty and imagination is our only limit!!!!

    Donna Moreau 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • It looks amazing: easy and delicious! Is there a GLUTENFREE 5 minute dough recipe?

    Shanti Guanipa 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • What temp

    Pam Hooper 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Is this dough salty??? It seams light a lot of salt? Can you cut it back?

    Marianne Marek 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • You are truly a super woman, hats off.god bless you and your family with health and happiness always🙏🏼

    S S 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • One and a half tablespoons salt. I would never use that much salt for that amount of flour. I use2 teaspoons for 6 c. flour and I find that is plenty. But if that is what you like that is all that counts.

    starlite556 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Can't wait to try this – thank you
    Deborah in Namibia

    Deborah Brune 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • What flour do you use

    Dawn Field 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Amazing! It's become my favorite Way of preparing bread for the family!

    mirta dichiano 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Awesome video! Thank you for sharing!

    Blue Rose 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • How special and useful this bread dough for a person who lives alone! It solves a problem because it's frustrating when you can't use bread fast enough to prevent it from going stale. Thank you so much.

    Maria Cullati 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Oh my goodness Carolyn you r a rock star. I already planned to keep this dough on hand because I like having rolls with dinner. I buy garlic bread for my pasta and spaghetti dishes, but I won't have to buy that store bought garbage any more. Cowboy Kent says to only use quality bread. I been using all purpose but realized it has been bleached and is enriched. So I'm buying better flour now. I'm so excited about ur 5 – minute breads. Thnx for sharing.

    G'Maw's Garden 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Do you use plain or selfrising flour?

    Joyce Bullock 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Is there a wheat 5 minute bread Dow?

    Lisa Smith 22/10/2022 am5:08
  • Do you think you could use gluten free bread flour in this 5 ingredient dough

    karen Adams 22/10/2022 am5:08