43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat In Your Lifetime | The Ultimate List

This is the ultimate must-try dessert bucket list. From cotton candy burritos and watermelon soft serve to stretchy ice cream and buckets of cookies, here are 43 outrageous desserts you have to eat before you die and where you can try them.


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43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat In Your Lifetime | The Ultimate List



  • Seriously , only jalebi from India 🥺

    Shravani Bugdani 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 43 things that will lead to me dying.

    Glacier moon 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • These does look appetizing but i do not live in any of those cities 🙁

    ProGaming_Plays 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • Chocolate's panettone: bake there's no pane there italians can't handle

    Alan Costa 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • Kopp’s is literally a mile away from where I live and I can attest they have excellent frozen custard.

    Josie 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • Incomplete without GULAB JAMUN ❤️

    Ruchit Patel 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • It's just a random mix of some stuff that we can find anywhere and don't seems really better that some supermarkets classic product. It perhaps cause I'm french but, I really prefer a small part of something really good and well design. That sort of monstruous weird mixing of sugar, colorant and artificial aroma put together in a brutal way without though of the taste😕 Well, if it's seem good for you, perhaps you should taste some real french patisserie 😋

    af hb 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • This video is awesome! I must go around the US and around the world to try these. I’ve tried everything in NYC and the cotton candy burrito in Vegas.

    Flower ARMY 🌺🌸 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 0:19 i thought hersheys chocolate world was in hershey?

    DABABYSUSSYAMONGUS69 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • Sugar is a factor in cancer development, you don't have to help it with these.

    Anita Sz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • oUtrAgeOus

    Nike 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 🤣🤣🤣faites coucou au diabète, c'est abusé la taille!!

    Candapa Nelle 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 0:34 a food worthy for beerus.

    Mike Gratz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 7:18 this can be a meme itself, SHUT UP AND EAT THE RAINBOW COOKIE!

    Mike Gratz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 6:51 now thats a cake.

    Mike Gratz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 6:04 this too

    Mike Gratz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 5:22 now that looks good.

    Mike Gratz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 0:35 a dessert worthy of beerus.
    (This is mikes daughter btw lol)

    Mike Gratz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • who else is obsessed with this video? especially while eating sweets!

    Sarah#Mustangs 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • n21

    nightz_9gamerz 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • Brigadeiro e do Brasil !

    Natália Cobain 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • I will get diabetes from this…. but who cares 😂

    Javan 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • These deserts will be why I die.

    ☆TaylxhDre4ms☆ 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • So basically normal shit served differently good way to start the Diabetes Journey

    Jay .A 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • I'll take a cannolo, a creme brulee donut, some NY cheesecake and a pineapple sundae boat. You can keep those candied egg yolks and cookie dough…yuck

    Lightning the Greyhound 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • Alternative title : getting diabetes

    Damayanthi Balur 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 5:35 my favorite ice cream with frozen custard 😋

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 5:45 my favorite Mexican popsicles La paletas

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 4:21 ohhhh spicy ice cream

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 3:04 yummy chimney cake ice cream

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 2:07 hmm yum 😋 donuts

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 1:26 I want to buy this cookie bucket in fair awesome 😎

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 0:55 cookie ice cream yum 😋

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • 0:37 awesome giant ice cream

    ShinyPokémongamer 18/10/2022 pm8:41
  • brigadeiros are from brazil dude,but the video is amazaing

    guto 18/10/2022 pm8:41