43 Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

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  • 0:06 resis piecies

    Epic gamer 123 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • This yt scams one of the food is 6 ingredients LMAO

    Xx Digital xX 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • And I still have no ingredients to make any of these

    Sana Rasheed 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • This video is a disgrace. The majority of these recipes will promote cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Please don't make or eat this poison. I worry that 28 million people have watched this and over half a million people have liked it – Lord have mercy.

    Gentle Brother 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • 9:56 cloud bread 7:42 teriyaki chicken

    Jason Bondurant 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • cheese + garlic + broccoli = cheesy garlic broccoli

    Thebe_stone 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Bro a pro cook don't have that ingredients

    Ayham Noob 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Why did she number her eggs😂😂

    mortalshadowgirl 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • I am writing all of this down

    RandomKidIn VR 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • 3:04 bbq chicken tenders

    Flossboi 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • 2:09 pigs in a blanket

    Flossboi 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Bold of you to assume I have plates

    Redmi 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Pov: you don't have one of the ingredients of every food

    Nor lego kid 22/10/2022 am2:11

    Cereal with no milk 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Mannnnn. I can only make a smoothie and the honey cereal and brownies I ain’t Gordon ramsy

    None 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • you guys have no idea how obsessed with this channel i really am and youll never find out

    jes but better and crappier 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • They Think I Have A Whole Gordon Rasmey Kitchen In My House.

    LouEvilOne 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Easy but not tasty. Honey carrots and cheese broccoli that is-

    L0v3lyMars ツ #longbreak 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • This guy should start a bar

    Lei C. 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Best one 6:34

    Cris 22/10/2022 am2:11

    ratfinkabooboo18 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Who else is here bc their parents are too busy too cook 😢

    PKXDcharlie 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Were the hell do you all get these ideas from

    Puppet Act 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Me: can’t even make food properly. Also me: “hmmmm maybe I can try one??….”

    🤍 Galaxy 🤍 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Absolutely delicious.

    Cooking Nisha's Style 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Peanut butter cups 0:06
    BBQ fried chicken

    Imalka Bosco 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • bold of you to assume I know how to anything

    Cheese 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Orutharuke 43 variety of food… WASTAGE ellai. Avar naaleh evalo saapide mudiyum aathum ore mealleh. aathuke 43 naalaiki virunthu vachi irukelam.

    K.A. Sharmella 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Man they just exposed Reese’s

    segwell 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • 0:47 I made these before it even works with strawberry jam in case u don’t have any strawberries especially in the summer since strawberries are seasonal but anyways this is great for people who like strawberry ice cream

    ★-Kethen-★ 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Man I'm losing all of my ingredients and my dad bro

    sonic the Hedgehog gaming 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Jelly 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • sugar cupcape light 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • 😋thanks for share

    Cooking with Mahdi 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • why do u almost always have to wait for it to refigerate or freeze tho💀

    Clementine Springforest 22/10/2022 am2:11
  • Im just missing -1 ingredients

    Colten Laminack 22/10/2022 am2:11