4 Levels of Tacos: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

We challenged chefs of three different levels – an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef – to make their versions of tacos. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which taco was the best?
Check out the professional’s recipe here on the ICE blog: https://www.ice.edu/blog/ribeye-tacos-pineapple-pico-de-gallo

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  • Why is she repeting everything we saw allready??

    James009 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Those tacos look great, but the best are my abuelitas tacos 🌮. Best in the universe

    Maya Maya 16/10/2022 pm6:45

    Bry Isch 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • It's taco tuesday!!!!

    josh 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • surprised Saúl isnt here

    3L3KTR07u7 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Look at their size and their level lol (not trying to be offensive or anything but their adults I’m sure they can take it)

    Cunix 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • John is a disgrace to all Taco lovers. What kind of disgusting person uses turkey

    Dustin Fake 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Nah. Not challenged. Not “challenged.” /

    Jordan Johnson 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • The lavish philosophy syntactically need because bathtub disappointedly rejoice qua a far-flung divorced. flimsy, solid korean

    Hui Cui Wu 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Tacos de qué?
    Soy mexicano y ninguno está haciendo tacos!!?
    Los tacos tienen muchas variantes, ninguno está haciendo tacos!
    Bueno me divierte el canal
    Sigo por acá

    Jose Arturo Gil Villanueva 16/10/2022 pm6:45

    Citrus ML 16/10/2022 pm6:45

    Citrus ML 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • None of these guys know how to make real tacos 😊

    Sabrina Saldivar 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Nobody:

    Absolutely nobody:

    Nobody at all:


    ronb2008 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • I am mexican and I am offended, where is Saul 🙁

    TheAlfahDj 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • wtf is this

    Aacatl Campos 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • This is so racist, why do u guys disrespect our culture just stop it

    goofy ah 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • .n

    badluck690 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Whose the first lady

    Bill Mason 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Lets be honest… none of these "chefs" can cook tacos.
    2 lbs 70/30 to 80/20 ground chuck, 1 half onion, 15ish dry red peppers, +1/2 cup water
    cook till browned
    add in taco packaging seasoning (hot prefferably)
    simmer for 1 hour
    toss on burritio shell add lettuce cheese and salsa

    de end

    Zar TheMad 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Ay nooo como que pavo y salsa de tomate 😭

    Carmen 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Authentic mexican tacos do not have cheddar cheese on them, tortilla is not a hard shell and no one sane would put lettuce on any soft taco.

    Edgar Santi 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Mexican mom’s and grandma 👵 are level 10, only the taquero from the corner veterans have reached that level too the tacos from chefs are to fancy and complicated for expensive restaurants and people who don’t know how a tacos supposed to taste.

    Zarko G 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Someone give lv1 a real knife

    Olga's Makes 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • level 5 chef is lalo salamanca

    thegamingapple 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Tacos suck

    Ashley Ross 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Our host is a dime where'd they find her?

    tony s 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • we love lorenzo

    J4K 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Lalo's taco is way better.

    Geess Aess 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • I probably got diabetes from watching the home chef.

    Geess Aess 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • I'm mexican and I'm offended

    DESMORE SAD 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • I love how the pro chef literally doesn’t make anything remotely close to tacos puts it in a shell and calls it a taco😂😂

    AR-23 16/10/2022 pm6:45

    ChickenOraría 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Ground meat!? Nope

    Mantequillas 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • This is new to me, cause I buy taco kits that have the meat, cheese lettuce, etc.. and it’s really tasty even if it’s not fresh like this

    Person 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Did she just explain meat ?

    Satokora Trillbeest 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • You don't have to watch this video to know that amateur is no expert on tacos 😂

    55mjr 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • I boil corn and then i grind my corn. After that I mix with some flour and we have a excellent corn tortilla mixture. Now this is level 10.

    Jesús 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Level 1 : Tostada with bland meat , fake Mexican cheese, and salad.

    Level 2 : Tacotostada with upgraded Taco Bell-style fillings. One can literally apply that famous Mexican proverb echarle mucha crema a sus tacos to Lorenzo's tacos.

    Level 3 : Quasi-taco with buttered steak and pineapple Pico de Gallo and Guac.

    Jesus Gamboa 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Where is the Ketchup Chef?

    Covencraft 16/10/2022 pm6:45
  • why is the level 1 chef on screen 65% of the time and the level rarely on screen?

    Covencraft 16/10/2022 pm6:45