4 Levels of Roast Chicken: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – an amateur, a home cook, and a professional – to make us a roast chicken. After each of them had presented their creation, we asked a food scientist to review their work. Who can boast the best roast? Whose bird is the word? A-well, a bird, bird, bird…

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: https://www.ice.edu/blog/roast-chicken-recipe-bread-salad

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4 Levels of Roast Chicken: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



  • i think the level 3 chef's children tell them the dish one day in advance cuz that's how long their dishes usually take to be ready

    Jarjees Tariq 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • OK, all three looked good

    M Le 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • None of these look like what I'd serve as roast chicken. The chicken is served whole and carved at the table. Then served with mashed potatoes and gravy made with the drippings and either hot buttered veggies or a salad.

    Charlie Davis 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • And the dishes are done… And by the way – why carry a reusable bottle when you can just buy stacks of Nestle water bottles in Costco? Yeah, screw the environment! Let those polar bears sink!

    Dmitry Shvedov 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • men will do anything to avoid the brief discomfort of washing dishes, I've seen my father eat boiling hot oatmeal out of a pot, sat on a hotpad directly on the table 😅

    Maddy Pape 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Am I a levek 4 because I brine it first?

    Bobby blazes 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • ofc they will say "ohh this is perfect" when its their own.. how about they would try each other´s?

    Jan Morávek 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • The man is so annoying. He thinks all of his idiotic, cliched comments are so clever. But they are not. I continually wanted to tell him to stfu.

    Michael English 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • They ALL look good, I'd eat any/all of them! 🙂

    jims1942 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Lolllll Lorenzo at the end

    {‘kelsea’} 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • I like Jay's method tbh. 😂

    Danesha Harney 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • A reminder that God loves you and Jesus died for your sins💗💗

    Nissi Vlogs 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Barbra is on drugs

    William Seay 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Did the chef only use thyme and salt, or I fell asleep in some part of the video?

    Mafe Rolvi 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • i always have level 3 ideas, but almost always end up with level 1 results, 30 % of the time i get level 2 results.

    sidonie many 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • I was down with with level 1 more that the the pro chef

    Mart R 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Man these recipes get me really hungry.

    RagingAsianGuy 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Why has Jay got that bowl in front of him? 🤔

    londontrada 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Why has Jay got that bowl in front of him? 🤔

    londontrada 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • except for the bread salad, I've done all 3 versions of this chicken. They are all tasty as hell.

    suziequzie 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • The level 2 and 3 shefs spoke to my stomach, the level 1 chef spoke to the essence of my soul.

    Jesse Salas 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Level one is contributing to toxic landfill
    When you can save money and wash keep the dishes for lifetime instead of disposing to a garbage landfill

    David Phongsavanh 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • I never got the impression that Jay lacked skill. He just has a debilitating fear of dirty porcelain and cutlery. I wouldn't be surprised if he eats with chopsticks because he can throw them away after.

    Mortimer Zabi 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • I just wanna say, the level 3 chef's recipe is the Zuni Cafe roast chicken recipe

    Bl 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • That amount of good quality plastic being thrown away is a perfect example of why the world makes fun of Americans. "Oh wow, this is amazing! I don't have to clean one bowl!" Lazy and not aware of the momento we currently live on. 👍🏼

    André Di Napoli 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • there will come a time when this kind of use of throw away plastic will feel short sighted and barbaric. i hope that time is close.

    alescx1 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Expert just used salt and pepper and time or rose mary 🤔I'm eating that home cook chicken yummy

    Leo Hood 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • dont like the idea of using plastic bags..i guess he sends them to landfill…beth and barbs ideas are i feel better ways to cook the bird.

    sparkyindahouse 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • The level 3 doesn't seem to be level 3..

    Vineeth Paul 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • Yeah. Im making Jay's dish.

    David Ringo 17/10/2022 am7:39
  • They need Heston Blumenthal on this episode.

    Charles Reed 17/10/2022 am7:39