4 Levels of French Fries: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

We challenged chefs of three different levels – an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef – to make their versions of french fries. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which fries were the best?

Check out the recipe on the ICE blog: https://www.ice.edu/blog/palak-patel-french-fries

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4 Levels of French Fries: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



  • first half of the video: admiring level 2 chef's blouse
    as soon as the deep fryers come out: OH NO WATCH THE SLEEVES!!

    H.A 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Level 3 is definitely Indian .

    Nandhini.K XII B 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • if u want something sweet the solution aint fries its candy

    hullwool 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • It’s funny because the level two actually made a roux for her cheese sauce although the steps were out of order lol

    Aleksey 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Huh I make my french fries in an oven, what level does it make me ;;A;;

    Emilia W 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • You know she's a level 3 chef when she puts her sauce in a separate bowl for dip and not drizzle them on the fries.

    Laggy_Boi 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I bet if you tried you could make the cuts even faster and more abrupt so its absolutely impossible to follow any of the chefs.

    Stephen Daniels 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • The girl with a stick looks like an actual rat lol

    Horizon tK 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Chef Palak: So, you remember science class? Osmosis?
    Me, a biologist: Yepp, I'm familiar with the concept of osmosis.
    Chef: Osmosis will make the salt seep into the potato.
    Me: That's the exact opposite of osmosis, but ok.

    UmbraKrameri 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • First of al it’s ‘Belgian fries’ & second i don’t know where y’all learned to make these but as someone from Belgium this is not the way they are really made!

    charlotte vandekerckhove 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I like that they're never called bad just treated equally because they're at different levels 🙂

    Aria 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • me, somewhere between lvl 1 and 2: takes out the french fries from the freezer …

    Ani Ma 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • The “expert” looks like she’s 14 and has a super annoying voice. Bring back the OG woman!

    SamanthaofDC 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • They all failed🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Beejay Dixon 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • the pro chef was really sweet and charming, but this time? level 1 & 2 chefs beat her with great fries, both of them!

    Heli Jafet 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • No, No and No. Wendy's Fries and Ketchup. That's all. Just fries and ketchup. No need to make things complicated.

    Donna Okoniewski 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • 5:06 👀 I'm unsure about it

    Danesha Harney 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Not me being triggered because level one and two put the sauce over the fries instead of in a separate bowl

    FreezingArctic 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Level 2 behaves and vibes like level 1 🙂

    Helga 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I don't remember fries being this complicated. 45min, really?

    sidonie many 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • 1 week?

    ♕𝑅𝑎𝑖𝑛𝑦𝑦♕ 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Sheesh, everyone is so extra with their fries 😂 Or maybe I’m missing out by not being as extra 🤔 I understand parboiling and double frying them, but I have a tendency to eat them as I’m cooking 😂 There’s rarely enough left for it to be worth it to commit so much time when making them.

    Omari 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • No, no, no! Fries and applesauce? Seriously?

    Lori Jones 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I want sum in alphabetical order

    Dang World 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I owned a chippey & this is theater not cooking ..they would not make a living . I laughed & so should any one who ever worked in a dinner kitchen/

    Dave Gommer 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I love these videos because no matter what at the end, everyone is happy with what they have made.

    Cora Martha 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I just wanted to learn how to make normal French fries…. What’s with these refreeze and fermenting? O.o

    Lazy Fox Plays 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Welp, I guess nobody watches on from 7:09

    9B02 CHEUNG Sui Lun Colin CHEUNG 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • We're eating French fries and this lady keeps talking about apple sauce…I'm confused. Lol

    Kallah’Yasar Bat’YAHUAH! • BRIDE of יהושע 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • This is the first one that I thought ALL of the ending food looked good. Usually level three is so out there but they all look good.

    Jezebele ZDP 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • All of them have such amazing and vibrant personality, I love this video

    Sam Sam 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Chef Palak Patel for the win! Those ARE fries! Even though I'd pass on that apple sauce. But, maybe tasting it would change my mind. lol (Thank you Sanielle Ferreira!) 😉

    stevealaska73 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • bianca and khadijah definitely couldve traded places here

    dick liker 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • SALT is important in FRIES

    anlisa aan 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I'm old fashion just give me the old school 🍟 even though they done a great job 👏

    Peculiar1 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • That's one where ketchup is the perfect sauce. 😉

    Future Commentary 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Curry applesauce? Someone call the police..

    T L 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • Why is it that every time you guys use the mandolin, you say "watch it. it is dangerous"? The same goes for almost all sharp objects. Just be careful using it.

    Okay, so no offence, but if I want to eat fries, I do not want to spend hrs preparing (for) it. I just put in the frozen, store-bought, fries in the fryer, wait 5 min, salt, plate, and put mayo on them. Done in about 15 min.

    GuardianKiss 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • This chapter feels so odd without Rose

    Daniela SRO 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • I am definitely going to try the cold oil method too!

    Kay Ann Cee 18/10/2022 am3:51
  • What every level 3 chef said before the video started 1:52.

    David March 18/10/2022 am3:51