4 Delicious Pork Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are 4 deliciously easy pork recipes to try!

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  • Sniper Elite is a walk on the park compared to this gentleman's skills

    F Peigonet 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Thank you so much for teach me how to cook in all your videos, I am 5 years old, and I love to cook since I was 2.

    Nene the chef & friends 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Awesome I've tried and I absolutely loved it! The combination of flavors is just from another world…amazing.

    deadpool 19/10/2022 am12:13

    NICOLE NEW 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • I love everything abt his cooking taking n energy

    Kat Zimpel 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Lucky for me🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    HOàng Huy 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • We made this tonight. Delicious! Very light dinner meal. Loved it.

    Cee Mill 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Shame he doesnt know how to make pork belly crackling, his level should be simple 🙂

    Peter Maclellan 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • lets try to make a 1/2 billion for team seas to save the fish so we can eat them longer

    thewatcher 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • haram to eat

    ali baba 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Excellent 👌

    Ayesha Keya 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • S M O O O O T H

    Anunnaki Warrior 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Mouthwatering, ooh I ❤️ 😍 💖 watching you cook for many, many yrs.. Even doe I been sick I still manage to catch up with your show, got to have them in my life. You remind me so much of my father R.I.P. Dad… ❤️ 😍 💖 ooh lord that looks so good Gordon 👍 😍

    Lizzie Bartley 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • The dishes are spechless cus he talks to the limit where there's no words left to say.

    Black Raven 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Everything Looks delicious!!!!! ❤️

    Ana 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Gordon, do a pork steak receipe. It's a usa midwest only thing. Find it and enlighten me

    Bill Reinhardt 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Gordon Ramsay is so good at cooking he doesn't even need to wash his hands after touching raw meat lol

    ThatOneIntrovert 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Ribs excite me too!

    Lora Lynn 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Bro I bet the inside of his front pockets are staind with all kinds of shit from the way he just shoves dirty towels in there.

    GR8🥅🏒EIGHT 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • Hi with the pork and fennel roast, here come the stupid question, why did you not blitz the pan juices to a smooth sauce and serve over roast. Cheers from Tasmania. just a question, I like to cook.

    robin alexander 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • let rest the pork chops after being cooked just as long as it has been cooked , and then it's cold , like the pepper , all cold , this is the big problem here

    Charly Kane 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • 1:16 The sound of onion cutting,…. it's like laser guns from star wars.

    BRAVOJUGHEAD 19/10/2022 am12:13
  • At 33 years old, I’ve started cooking because of you and I’m passionate about it: not missing any of your details, or the intents and purposes of each tip.

    Tonight I made the best pork chop I’ve had in my life. The ones my parents make range from kitchen nightmare inedible wood shards, to dry hockey pucks at best. I can’t wait to cook this for them and blow their socks off.

    I can’t thank you enough Chef Ramsey!

    Geoff Kilian 19/10/2022 am12:13