4 Chicken Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are four delicious chicken recipes that you can try! Sticky spicy chicken wings, Chicken fricassee with herby sautéed potatoes, a big Caesar salad with grilled chicken & griddled chicken with chickpeas, feta & watermelon salad.

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  • As a single mother of 4. I taught my children early on how to cook, clean etc. I once taught my eldest son how to make bread well I believe that for a week or more he proceeded to make me potato bread rolls fresh daily while I was at work. He was quite the baker.

    Linda Edwards 21/10/2022 pm11:28
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    Jacqueline Trimm 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • It’s so nice you have a father knows how cook delicious foods and dessert

    Shiela Aposaga 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Awesome!!!

    Jessica Marie Porter 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Love watching your videos,so therapeutic🇰🇪

    Eunice Embiti 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Why not pair strawberry jam with supermarket ready cooked roasted whole chicken?

    Jianfa Tsai 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Fabulous. However, beans, and I must say that, this is an overall mistake in the West, where garlic was not a natural food. My great grandmother ,Greek, was a cook in a aristocratic family. Some dukes or so…🙂 Garlic, always small, minced,invisible, and always at the end. Because It burns and has a terrible odour. We only need a hint of it. Nobody likes chunks of garlic on their plate. That's what my great grandmother taught me.

    Alecia Buturla 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Love watching the kids with Gordon, wish there were more videos.

    Lee Evers 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • I think all the poor children who watch these Gorden Ramsay cooking videos must be wishing their his child. He has adorable kids.

    farzana 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • I love the way he trears his children! So much respect and love!,

    Koalanumber5 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Яка чудова атмосфера!!!
    І чудове поєднання сімейних цінностей та майстерності !!!

    Лєна Малишенко 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • is there anywhere that the recipes are listed with their specific measurements?

    Jacque Swearingen 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • I appreciate delicious chickens Gordon Ramsay for the superb white meat but unfortunately psychopathy killed people

    Mohamed Rashid and its true you know Blackpool, Dickins Street and very gruesome times.

    gary proffitt 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • This is so refreshing, seeing Gordon's father side while in the kitchen 🙂🥰

    Jaycar Busujima 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • I wish had use easily found ingredients

    luanne Vincent 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • In the US. Wings have been very High in price for too long . Butchers are also leaving Lots of Extra Skin & Fat on packaged Thighs & Leg Quarters . Where have all The Good Chickens Gone ..

    Mary Phelps 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Great to glimpse A side of Chef that's Personal & Inspiring . Now just teaching Laundry ,Driving , Dating , , LOL A Parent's Job Never Ends . LOL ..

    Mary Phelps 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • His kids area lovely

    Roxane Schellingerhout 21/10/2022 pm11:28
    and add a pinch of chiliflakes😅

    Upeka Tharindu 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • If I were to be reincarnated as a dog, please God let me be rumples

    Colin Chesbrough 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • omg ❤❤❤

    Dash 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Missed the first oil that went into the green bean dressing, right after the pb…what did you add?

    B H 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • I cook with my son sometimes, best feeling. I like Gordon, good dude

    Alex Davyy 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Wow! Fantastic chicken recipes, so wish I had actual amounts. The most charming children, Holly, Jack and Tilly budding young chefs!❤️

    Marietta Warkentin 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Why wouldn't you use baking paper instead of foil???…. Love ya work but that's a rookie error

    Staas Innovations 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • The “no daddy” was so wholesome

    My Truth 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Succulent merci chef Ramsay

    ernst Dor 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • must be so nice to have a chef father

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  • Family:"Gordon/Daddy,can you take us to the restaurant?"

    Gordon:"As long as I'm here,we are always in the restaurant".

    Jhom Eduarte 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Hair on the chicken 8:55

    Dylan Malley 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Is there anything I can sub the anchovies with, without losing the flavour of course ?

    Christine Harper-Bygrave 21/10/2022 pm11:28
  • Father and son cooking in the kitchen luv it. Go ahead Mr Ramsay

    Gloria Purdie 21/10/2022 pm11:28
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  • Please be writing out your recipes. Thanks!

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  • There's a hair on the drum at 8:55. 8)

    Dusan Zdravkovic 21/10/2022 pm11:28