$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger

Watch more Worth It now on About To Eat! youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiP3qHye95hLTogNyTpMQQ_ABYFpzfkHe “I don’t want this burger to ever end.”

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  • So glad Keith didn't last in this show. Was so rude. No wonder Ned fucked up.

    jake hamilton 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Shane Madej went from a camera guy for the worth it episode to a co-founder of Watchers with Steven Lim. If that’s not making it, I don’t know what is

    ab 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • So glad he isn’t on the show dudes annoying

    Lincoln Kerlee 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • for 777$, the burger should be a semi ridiculous size; to feed 3.2 people at least

    Danger QD 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • I wouldn’t want a friend like Keith . He is really rude and disrespectful

    Monica Tobar 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • bro why si shane just chiling in the back lmaooo like hes adam

    triple6keyz 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Did they fire this guy?

    Kamil Zabiegala 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • the comments are making me want to jump

    mei 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • I prefer andrew and steven together, and guys cut the $777 burger in half!

    Vincent Ceravolo 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Thank God this beta male fuckhead wasn't on the show after this episode. Andrew is 10000% better.

    Snake Plissken 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • "I don't wanna waste anytime talking, let's eat it." me everytime

    Bean Beaner 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • I watched this video the day it released 6 years ago and only now do I realize that Keith isn't saying "Balsamic Vinegar is truly like god tier", he's saying "Balsamic Vinegar is truly like god tears".

    Talketsu 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • 3:20 I know so many videos and scenes where Gordon complained that the burger is so tall and “how could you possibly fit that into your mouth” and then serves a skyscraper like this at his restaurants.

    Davis _ 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • 1:48 🤣

    Andrew S 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Please tell me Gordon Ramsay watched this video

    jason johnson 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • furious pete ate 2000$ burger…

    P3T3R 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • At 0:36 they pass The Habit in L.A. before going to the same place all the way in Las Vegas 😂

    Mitchell Farinas de Leon 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • 3:27 my man he knows

    LE CITRON NOIR 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • I'd never pay that much for a burger. That's crazy.

    Horror Fan 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Probably the best buzzfeed video ever made

    501st Egg 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • I'M NOT GONNA LIE, this video kind of ruined how I saw Keith. Seemed just…whatever. I don't think I want to watch anymore videos with him, ever.

    Joselyn Nevarez 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Keith was a dick wrinkle. Glad Andrew came in

    XInfamousBullet 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Bro, I was 14 when these videos came out, how is time flying so fast

    Oskar M.G 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • am i the only one who watches this when i eat hahaha

    Hartmut Engels 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • this keith dude sucks. NEXT

    luis salinas 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • can confirm the habit is pretty damn good

    Little Kitten 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • I mean looking back on this burger. If they got the whole bottle of Don thats essentially like $250-350 on its own depending on the year. Making the burger closer to $400-500 still a crap ton for a single burger but atleast it makes a bit more sense.

    LongNameIncoming 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • After seeing this, Andrew is definitely a better fit for this. Not saying Keith wasn’t, it’s that Andrew has more an attitude to him & Steven with his upgoing personality & clash of styles just work together super well

    TheNightmare92 19/10/2022 pm7:50
  • Who tf is Keith lol

    PokeSteve716 19/10/2022 pm7:50