$4 Breakfast Sandwich Vs. $30 Breakfast Sandwich

Watch more Worth It now on About To Eat! youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiP3qHye95hLTogNyTpMQQ_ABYFpzfkHe The Worth It crew travels to Texas to explore a variety of breakfast sandwiches.

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Sumedha Gupta

Steven Lim



  • If I lived near that $4 Banh Mi I would religiously go there every morning

    Jacob Frank 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • The aunty was rapping

    Anas Khai 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Please bring back worth it! I love this show and your interactions

    Jessica Perry 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Andrew was extra nice to Steven this video

    anonomyss 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Everything looked incredible!!!

    Cee Bee 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • The muffin fact – I'm British and call English muffins 'breakfast muffins'. If it's a sweet muffin, then we usually describe them by the flavour like 'chocolate muffin' or 'blueberry muffin'.

    Jojo 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • love the worth it intro song

    Jazzy Lee 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I have never seen bahn mi for that price in California. Funny that it's called Cali Sandwiches too

    ninjaundermyskin 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • did anyone else notice the background music in restaurant one sounds like ph intro way too much

    Ansh Shah 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Such a cute couple!

    Friend-O 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Wow that cheese in the donut sandwich blows my hair back. So unique so rich but I'm sure they tamed it down

    Katie Tyson 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • putting your phone in the drawer was disgusting. You go to urinal. Grab your thing. Do not wash your hands. Touch your phone. Put it in the drawer. Knife and Fork will go in there. Then the next person is… Not Good. Not Good.

    amir koorani 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Adam didn't get his own donut sandwich 🙁

    Parisa Ahmadi 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I want to point out that Steven was a tad critical/dismissive of the last sandwich, but at place 2 he used a fork/knife to eat a sandwich. I really appreciated coming back to this episode and realizing how open minded Andrew was during, and likely the build up to, the filming of the episode.

    Gungho73 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Steven didn't seem like himself here. Something must've been bothering him. Good job Andrew for carrying the team

    Garrett Pahl 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • how in the hell is the banh mi 3.69$ thats insane

    VInny 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • For 30 bucks I wouldn’t expect burnt crab cakes

    awesomefrankrapid 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • 14:41
    ~a dutch person

    Fré 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Bap rolls are actually perfect because they're really soft and perfect for soaking up egg and grease :))))

    Charlotte Bensted 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • That bah mi looked so good!!

    Toya Jackson 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • It amuses me that there is a Houston Keith. (Try Guys)

    SilentSparrow 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • That fact about English muffins was false

    Harvie Sharp 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • that first ladies accent was too funny, good lookin food tho

    ICECOLDJSAV 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • We call both muffins and yes we say the channel ..

    Juku Kwaku Attionu 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Can confirm: in Europe it's known as "the Channel".

    Ward Huyskes 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I remember watching earlier episodes when Steven seemingly hijacked his colleague who’s now on a try guys. Don’t remember when and how Andrew came about however created magic. And let’s forget about camera guy! Love everything about this series. 👏👏👏💜🙏

    Allister Fong 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I freaking love this show… worth it!!!

    The_Guy 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Street banh mi just 0.5$ this banh ni are so luxurious for people like me

    fernando nando 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • The asian lady accent is brutal, what is she saying?

    lovey dovey 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • "Benedicts are useually pretty beautiful" My name BEING Benedicte AHAHA THANK YOUUU!!! 😀

    Baelien 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Quit feeding Adam, he is getting too fat

    Craig Helmle 18/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I still love worth it. But I feel that Steven and Andrews personalities have molded together somewhat. And it takes away from the whole cat and dog / hot and cold dynamic they had going. Also why does Andrew drive these days haha? Will always be a fan nonetheless.

    Oliver Hannan 18/10/2022 pm3:06