31 One-Pot Recipes

  • 5:35 the rice overcooked lol

    Leticia Nascimento 23/10/2022 pm1:49

    A. E. BONA 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Bro stop adding cheese to every dish

    m.A.A.d 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Find it hard to follow ,to quick for me .

    Sue Little 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • yuck

    Halaine 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I think it needs some more cheese

    Finn Turbo 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Breaks pasta I exit video

    Delé 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • ♻️♻️♻️

    Pinaka 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • First one is so delicious. It became a family favorite ❤ 💕 💓

    SMARTIEMARTIE 23/10/2022 pm1:49
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  • So calming to watch and guess what is being made. The music really sells it. I fall asleep to that music, but that’s what I came here for.

    Dominique Cheney 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • happylittleraincloud :3 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • It's not 'one pot' if you have to swap ingredients in and out of it. Nice recipes though.

    Koala 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Such a small detail. But i love how you present the name of the dish after youve made it 😛

    Daniel Larsson 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • When they snapped the spag, I screamed. I’m not even Italian.

    Phantom Gato 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • This channel will never stop surprising me. So many great ideas you guys share with us. Thanks so much and be Blessed

    Emmanuella Ndombeson 23/10/2022 pm1:49
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    Josh & Staci Treece 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Constantly pointing out your jokes isn't funny

    Panna Bán 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • What should I put the heat at though ??

    Jordan Beavers 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Sinomtha Klassen 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I really appreciate the ideas it gives you an idea . We can always add our own spice and Ingredients this video is for people who really need help and this is a good start

    Natalie Muno'z World 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Half of these meals were the same thing 🤭

    Tricia Jackson 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I tried the paprika chicken rice and bake and it is VERY GOOD 10/10 RECOMMENDED

    Bernadette Castro 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • You broke the pasta in half….

    Listless 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Who else is here watching them food vids at 2am knowing that you have school in a couple hours

    Sam.k 52 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • These are the type of Tasty recipe videos I'm accustomed to. I don't mind the strict recipe-centric new content, but everything else? No thx. I remember a dish I made several times, it was a buffalo chicken stuffed spaghetti squash casserole. I tried to find it recently and it was nowhere to be found. Does anyone know, is it in their cookbook?

    John Summers 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Volume, people .. with words

    jeffrey nelson 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • A lot of times when i cook with chicken white meat it comes out dry and chewy so now i usually opt for thighs. Any tips?

    Justin Webster 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • For the love of god. Let your onions get brown!! Let your chicken get brown!! You completely miss on that sweet maillard reaction for god sake

    Julien S 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Lot of cheese we need

    sachinthani ranga 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • 🤮🤮🤮

    Moxxi Heart 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Watches and finds I can’t eat most of this with ibs and intolerance to tomatoes and onions that comes with it at least watching it is entertaining I can dream of the day ibs goes away

    Carissa H 23/10/2022 pm1:49
  • 101

    ibrahim kara 23/10/2022 pm1:49