3 Under 20 Minute Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

If you’re in a hurry that doesn’t mean you can’t cook delicious food. Here are three recipes that are perfect for those moments when you’re short on time.

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  • them steaks at the start looked tasty asf

    arron frederick 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • So nice chef yami yami

    Homraj Giri 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • looks great but gordon explaining the concept of a taco killed a few brain cells for sure

    John Bowden 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Nữ hoàng giấu dấu vân tay… 浪浪浪

    Josh & Staci Treece 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • O God please please.

    Crystal Endiquim 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • لذيذ لكنه غير صحي

    halima filari 19/10/2022 pm7:29
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    Marcus Bridgette 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • that taco is coming up short bro..

    Chad Miller 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • The meat is fall of blood 🤢🤢

    The phenomenal 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Social credits +10000000000

    Rohith Rg 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Bruh i love my girl but this man makes me lust for food and want to get degraded for cooking daddy

    Aneesh Kapoor 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • I never knew you could put cooked foods directly on a heat-safe wooden cutting board until today. Thanks, Gordon and Google!

    Darisha Sims 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Had to make the pork chops and peppers the second I watched this. My god it was delicious.

    Joey Bannon 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Just salt and pepper

    Monamatic 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • That's not a proper taco. I've never heard of miso or mayo in a taco. I usually love your recipes, when I've made them but this is too far.

    Michael Dunn 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Wow amazing cooking food my friend please good luck

    Primitive Cooking Kh 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • now that the whole economics are going to shitzors. noone normal people has afford to luxury items like certain spices or salmon etc. i would love to see a serie that you make low cost delicous food! maybe intewiev people with low money before making =)
    there are too many ,so called low cost food prgams that are not really!

    w1nku 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Love all the veggies in that egg dish…but I don’t eat eggs or dairy…beautiful dish for company

    Linda Goudelock 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • That ommelette omg

    Mike 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • I wish Ramsay had more of these videos. He took my cooking game to the next level

    rangerstationlegion 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • this video is old make something new

    Wellensittich 1 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • The tacos are missing cheese. Pity.

    Lightningbauer 19/10/2022 pm7:29
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    Thakur Anubhav 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Your recipe is very good, it is very tasty, seeing this, your mouth watered, you upload your recipe on the talent KHAL site, you will get support.🙂🙂 ,.,.

    Thakur Anubhav 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • just realized. Gordon cooks with his kids, cooks with his mom, but I don't think I've ever seen him cook with his wife. Any particular reason for that?? Just something random/weird/interesting I realized just now

    WooTheDude 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • He literally said ‘ a touch of wice wine vinegar’

    Ben Markovic 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • It's fun how Tilly stated she prefers her mom's cooking over her dad's 🤣

    animesubya 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • I love Gordon's technique but the recipes?, specially the first one idk, he one time said " asian infusion? More like confusion" and that's exactly how I felt that recipe tacos ain't that, if you want to call the crispy tortilla taco, sure go ahead but nothing that he used goes on tacos

    arturo soto 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Perfecta manera y una pinta increíble desde luego! Adoramos tu cocina

    Hicham Hadari 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Guy who lives mexico here. Nobody uses mayonaisse in a fucking taco man.

    Matt 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Incredible Food makes Like so WOW!!! ✌😎🥳🎶🎉 Gordon Ramsay is 1#☆ in the world 🌎

    Foltz Art 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Tamil Nadu

    G.sakthiya priya 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • iamsathiya

    G.sakthiya priya 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Hai

    G.sakthiya priya 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • That finger rubbing he do is annoying

    Millennium 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Great teacher. Thanks Gordon – your my go to before I make anything that may have a degree of difficulty eg pastry or if I want to be inspired to try a new dish. You give great tips. I think your terrific.

    MezMez 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • "A frying pan is an essential tool in the kitchen" shit, I would've never of thought that. Thank you Gordon, truly profound.

    KooK y KooK 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • "Let the knife do the work" it's not like my elbows can do it. LOL

    KooK y KooK 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Only Chef Ramsay Can Do It The Way It Was Meant To Be 👍🥩🌮

    Jason 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • I love how he’s so ruff with everything lol

    Annie Rover 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • This is my favorite GR content because I can show the family without some splainin to do.

    Redinator989 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • Ain’t gonna lie it kinda offends me when he tries to make Mexican food and think it’s good and makes it seem it’s as good or even better than where the Mexican foods come from

    Eddie_ Granados 19/10/2022 pm7:29
  • 04:59 – Yummy Yummy <3

    RuskoKain 19/10/2022 pm7:29