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  • I'm sorry for having a doubt. but sure you can bake ☺️ better than cooking 😜

    SCD SCD 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • I love the fact that you changed the thumbnail this stream had me screaming like crazy yesterday and i just got the courage to comment today. Very very pog stream. The cake looked good Thank you for the treat!

    Shrimp [Mysta’s carpet] 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • Really appreciate the high quality set-up, the graphics looks so good!! Hope ur stomach is still alive lmao

    phyllis C 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • No food were poisoned in this stream

    nn.namnhow 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • Your cake is so cool, have a nice holiday babe

    shu liu 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • yeah..it is that a real spooky cake
    You did well!!!!

    YUJIN 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • "WHY IS IT SO BUTTERY" rewind the video where he put in around 200-300 grams of SOLID BUTTER? Good job MYSTA!! You leveled up so much from previous times!

    Ichie Yamato 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • I can't even cook but I automatically lost it when he put the butter in- lie I hate measuring shit cuz I hate math bUT-

    31:12 "wait a minute the cake is dead" (ちょっと待ってケーキ死んでいる)


    Centurian Tale 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • If we all go camping Mysta can put up the tent and we'll make the food! Mysta and cooking might be dangerous. Also Mystakes we won't go to the hospital because we'll either to alive or…dead 🤣🤣🤣🧡

    Thanks again for the fun vod/stream!🙏🧡🧡

    Deiah Renka 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • 🎃 pumpkin cake!!! We will miss u MYSTAAA 🦊🦊

    Nicholas 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • why ay 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • ケーキ死んでいる에서 개빵터졌넼ㅋㅋㅋ
    진짜 미스타가 내 동생이었고 주방에서 저러고 있었으면 등짝 한 300대 맞았을지도ㅋㅋㅋ

    설찡이 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • it actually says "wait a little for the cake to die"

    softhusky 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • I'm……so inexplicably proud for some reason…..that he managed to make cake mix properly

    Alex Shi 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • 21:19. The moment Mysta just went “fuck it” and dove in.

    C.J. O'Dell 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • It was a very fun broadcast.I want you to cook again!The cake looks so delicious!

    はむ 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • 楽しそうなミスタが見られてとても楽しかったです!

    Tricia🌟 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • mysta is turning into the new how to basic

    meii 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • I love how Halloween it is ! The BGM, the cake, Mysta's assets, the process and Mystakes' screams.🎃

    alapig 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • thanks for the stream mysta!! this was so fun!! esp the part where you dip you hands in everything and violate your batter 😃👍

    ashfloosh 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • this stream was so much fun mysta! very fun and chaotic, i loved it lol
    when your on break have a great time on your break mysta, i love you! 🧡🧡

    [ paper airplanes ] 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • "My biceps grew and they dont fit in my Mysta shirt"
    "Sorry Im hopped up on pre-work out rn"
    Mysta gym bro arc??😂😂

    MelBear:3 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • Rewatching the vod coz I felt like what happened yesterday was just a dream

    NeNeee Mold Era 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • “why does it taste so buttery”

    monica lindsay 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • "it taste very buttery" yea Mysta, I wonder why. 120g melted butter turned 250g soft butter

    suna 23/10/2022 pm2:41
  • Lmaooooo that’s too much butter. Oof. 😅

    Luce 23/10/2022 pm2:41